The patience of Porsche car investors has not paid off!  ()

The patience of Porsche car investors has not paid off! ()

As of November 4, 2022, 1:29 pm, the share price of Porsche Automobil on the Xetra home market is EUR 56.26. The paper belongs to the “Automotive Manufacturers” branch.

We analyzed this stock in 7 points and gave them “Buy”, “Hold” and “Sell” ratings. At the end of the analysis you will get the overall rating result.

1. The Basics: The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is an important metric used to evaluate a company’s earnings strength and performance compared to one or more peers. At Porsche Automobil, the current price-earnings ratio is 3.41. Comparable companies from the “automotive” industry have an average price-earnings ratio of 33.1. From a fundamental perspective, Porsche Automobil is therefore not valued as much as it is today. The stock therefore receives a “buy” rating from the editors in this category.

2. Dividend: With a dividend of 4.43%, Porsche Automobil will be estimated to be lower than the average of the automotive industry (6.02%) in terms of distribution, as the difference is 1.59 percent. A “Sell” rating can be derived from this for now.

3. Price to industry benchmark: The stock has gained -32.99 percent over the past year. Compared to stocks from the same sector (“Consumer Discretionary”), Porsche Automobil is 40.18 percent below average (7.19 percent). The average annual yield for bonds from the same “Automotive” branch is 8.79 percent. Porsche Automobil is currently 41.78 percent below this value. Due to the underperformance, we rate the stock as a “Sell” overall at this level.

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