The Polestar 2 gets a facelift, more power – and more range

The Polestar 2 gets a facelift, more power – and more range

Polestar 2 looks like a new car from the front, but others are still polestar

The Polestar electric sedan gets a new look, more efficient electric motors and a range of up to 635 km.

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The Polestar 2 was considered the first real competitor to Tesla’s Model 3 in 2020. Of course, the design is debatable, but few would describe the electric sedan as the best Model 3.

The new Polestar 2.

The new Polestar Polestar

In terms of range and driver assistance systems, however, the Swedish-Chinese joint venture lost to Tesla, as our test showed.

Oldschool Baroni runs the new school Polestar 2

Video: watson/Emily Engkent

Now Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo and the Chinese from Geely, brings a new version of the Polestar 2 with a revised look, more support systems like conventional engines and new electric motors. These are more powerful and increase efficiency and therefore range – the latter in particular has not had the power to rival the Model 3 until now.

New Polestar 2: The grill is closed at the front.

New Polestar 2: The grill is closed at the polestar

For comparison: Polestar 2 ago.

For comparison: Polestar 2 polestar

The separate front grill is history. As with the Polestar 3, the corresponding area now has a front camera and radar sensors.

More power, charging speed and range

With the new model, the single-engine variants are switched from front- to rear-wheel drive and the range increases to 635 km according to the WLTP standard. According to the manufacturer, Polestar 2 has more environmentally friendly batteries with improved cell chemistry.

As before, there are four versions:

The regular range variant comes with an LG battery with a fixed capacity of 69 kWh. This should now be possible up to 518 instead of 478 km.

The three long-range variants now have 82-kWh batteries from CATL instead of the 78-kWh battery. For the Long Range Single Car model, the official range increases from 551 to 635 km.

The maximum charging power increases from 130 to 135 kW for the cheaper model with a small battery and from 155 to 205 kW for the long-term versions with a large battery.


photo: polestar

Standard equipment has also been revised: This now includes blind spot assistant and intervention, traffic warning and brake assist, rear collision warning system, 360-degree all-round vision system and automatically dimming exterior mirrors . .

Inside, there's still an 11.2-inch center display and Google's Android Automotive OS.

Inside, there’s still an 11.2-inch center display and Google’s Android Automotive polestar

The refreshed model can be ordered now from CHF 48,900 and deliveries are scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2023.


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