The Polestar boss wants to mass produce electric road racers

The Polestar boss wants to mass produce electric road racers

Polestar, Volvo’s sister electric car brand, has a convertible this year Polestar O₂ submitted. There are currently no official plans for the show car to go into series production – but according to company boss Thomas Ingenlath it is certainly possible.

The two-seater battery roadster is something the company is “working towards,” a vehicle that reflects the brand’s focus on “communication technology through design,” a German executive said in an interview with TopGear. “My goal is to turn it into a production car”, but that is “not so easy”. Ingenlath cited “complexity” as the reason for this. As with painting, it’s always good to take a step back and look at it again “in a few months” and evaluate.

The Polestar O₂ is the brand’s “hero car” and gives a taste of its potential, said Ingenlath at the car’s presentation. The driving experience is “lively, light and confident”, the aluminum platform used as the basis of the upcoming Polestar 5 sports sedan ensures tight body control, high stiffness and intuitive dynamics. Thanks to the small roll angle and high roll damping, the driving dynamics are stable and agile, the feeling of fast driving is equal to the build up of the power of the driving torque. Technical data was not mentioned.

The Polestar 5 was also presented as a concept car before the Swedes confirmed production of the same series car. If the Polestar O₂ also comes as a customer car, it should be very powerful.

“We are investing and building our electric train,” Ingenlath told TopGear on the Polestar 5. “The rear motor – an in-house development – produces over 870 hp plus the front motor. It’s amazing what you can do with electric motors.” It’s “crazy and amazing and it’s great to do that and you can imagine what kind of car you get,” the Polestar boss said. It is not only about the high power of the car, but about all about the handling and driving pleasure.

It remains to be seen if the electric road will make it into series production. What is known so far is that in addition Polestar 5 Sports SUV Polestar 3 and a mid-size SUV coupe Polestar 4 come on The program currently consists of a mid-size sedan sorry 2 stars and the discontinued hybrid coupe pole star 1.