The power of the Audi hybrids increased from the 5th step

The power of the Audi hybrids increased from the 5th step

The engine runs hotter. Audi hybrids they will be allowed to increase their power by 10 horses according to the new law published in a press release. The first day of Dakaron December 31, the exhibition of elite cars (T1+ and T1U – hybrid Audi RS Q e-tron -) was reduced to bring the performance of amateur cars closer to that of the official teams, which had caused some teeth squeaking some big stables .

Power was reduced for this unit by 42 hp or 30 kw, while that of the T1.2 (two-wheel drive) was increased by around 20-25 hp.

On Wednesday, based on the results of the data collected during the first three stages, January 1, 2 and 3 on T1+ and T1U cars, the committee of the world rally championship “W2RC decides to increase the maximum power of T1U Cars (…) of 8 kw”, or equivalent to 10 horses, shows the press release signed by the representative of the FIA, Jérôme Roussel, and the boss of Dakar, David Castera.

Let Audi come back

The decision takes effect from the fifth stage on Thursday and comes with hybrid Audis occupying 3rd and 4th places in the general time classification led by Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota), along with Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel (+18 min 52 sec ) and Spaniard Carlos Sainz (+32 minutes 55 seconds).

“Obviously this decision is to give Audi an advantage and allow them to come back. We are in the lead but they will come back to us. Not in the sense of justice as written on paper. In any case”, answered Mathieu Baumel, co-pilot of Al Attiyah.

“Sportingly, we use the rules. He said: “Whoever was not at that level, be it first, last or otherwise, should be compensated”, explains David Castera. “And no, Audis do not crush anyone,” he said. say.

Next step on January 8

“We focused on all the statistics collected by the FIA, we have the boxes of all the cars, the acceleration ones, the performance tests etc…(…) and the only car that did not have a complete standard of what. it was planned, this is it. We just fixed it,” he continues.

This data review will continue, “we have new terrain, new soil, and if tomorrow is the opposite, Audi will go down”, assured the Dakar boss.

The next question will be issued on January 8.

The Dakar-2023 race, the first round of the public attack world cup that has been launched for the fourth year in a row in the sands of Saudi Arabia, began on December 31 with more than 8,000 kilometers in two weeks, and arrived on January 15 this year. Dammam.