The price of charging an electric car close to 1 euro / kWh >

The price of charging an electric car close to 1 euro / kWh >

At this point, peace has returned to the big carriers: After Tesla Electricity prices in its main German chargers will gradually increase by around 50 percent from the end of 2021. have increased, they have been stable at this level since May, and EnBW has so far remained true to its plan to not charge again this year after increasing to 55 cents per kilowatt hour without registration in May 2021. However, the overall upward trend does not seem to be over yet : After the Shutdown in August, two other charging providers have now raised their prices in Germany – Allego as the biggest among them by around 1 euro per kilowatt hour mark.

Allego Store is now more expensive than Ionity

When Ionity switched from a flat fee to 79 cents per kilowatt in early 2020 in an environment as low as 33 cents on Tesla’s supercharger, there was a lot of outrage. At the same time, however, a joint venture between German automakers and now some foreign automakers has introduced a subscription for any customer that reduces the price of a kilowatt hour to 35 cents. The reduced tariff continues to apply to owners of electric cars from the brand of partners.

In addition, even the optional fast charging with Ionity is not the most expensive option in Germany from October: This week. informed Allego about further price increases from the 7th of the month. It’s the second after a small increase in September, and means that fast electric car electricity in Allego will soon cost 85 cents per kilowatt. This applies to output from 50 kilowatts, which the Dutch operator describes as “very fast charging”.

With 58 locations with at least three times 150 kilowatts, Allego is the fourth largest network provider in Germany behind Aral Pulse, EnBW and Ionity, according to a September overview of the Schnellladepark program. According to the last count, Tesla would be just behind the first two for the first time with 138 German charging stations (although they had more columns), but it has not been considered because most of them are still reserved for their own brand.

Tesla prices seem cheap

Prices continue to rise further in the list of the largest charging providers in Germany. No. 6 without Tesla is closing, which has been charging 74 cents per kilowatt hour with no monthly fee since the beginning of August instead of 69 cents previously. And with Shell Recharge, fast charging for electric cars will also become more expensive from the end of September, the service provider said. according to the report this week and. Prices increase to 64 cents on average on our own columns, but up to 74 cents per kilowatt when roaming.

According to the overview, Aral Pulse now has the largest number of its current direct stations of 149, where you pay 69 cents per kilowatt hour. Prices at the Supercharger, which have been stable since May, are getting relatively cheap again – depending on the station, they are 56-58 cents per kilowatt hour. Tesla has now opened 20 German supercharger locations for all brands. The price with a third-party electric car is 70-71 cents per kilowatt hour without registration, so after the latest cycle it is no longer among the highest elsewhere.