The producer of expanded aluminum Metra-Profile (KPS Capital Partners) is approaching 600 million euros in revenue and is preparing a new acquisition in the United States.

The producer of expanded aluminum Metra-Profile (KPS Capital Partners) is approaching 600 million euros in revenue and is preparing a new acquisition in the United States.

The Metro Group of Brescia, an international producer of extruded aluminum, acquired in 2021 by an American investment fund specialized in the mechanical sector. KPS Capital Partners (see other articles and BeBeez), prepares a new purchase that should lead the group to increase its sales by 30%. Il Sole 24 Ore wrote in recent days where the director general Enrico Zampedri, said: “The goal is to close the operation by summer. It is the biggest seller in America with sales of around 200 million euros”.

So continues the m&a campaign of the company based in Rodengo Saiano (Brescia) and founded in 1962, which has now become an international and vertically integrated manufacturer of aluminum profiles and related services including painting, oxidation, machining, welding and connect.

We note that in July 2021, shortly after entering the Metra capital, KPS Capital had acquired Special Profile Extrusions American manufacturer of custom aluminum profiles provided with related value-added services, including painting, oiling, oil cutting and precision cutting. Profiles offers a variety of aluminum profiles designed for a variety of markets including residential and commercial construction, HVAC, hurricane protection, transportation, electrical and marine. Profile then employed about 170 workers in its sole factory in Rome, in the state of Georgia (USA). Another private American company had sold, Highlander’s Companionslocated in Dallas, Texas, today announced the sale of (see here is the press release of that time) The operation was carried out through Fendi Holdingthe same ownership that controls Metra, with the goal of creating a world-leading aluminum profile platform, with a strong presence in Europe and North America.

In September 2021 Metrain Italia had bought from family Galigani 100% of Rustics of Pistoia, historic producer of aluminum structural components for the railway industry (see other articles no BeBeez) Finally, in early November 2021, Metra’s Canadian subsidiary, Metra Aluminum Inchad completed the purchase of old Pexal plant in the city of Alma (Quebec) due to bankruptcy cases (see here is the press release of that time)

In 2022, however, growth was entirely organic, with combined sales of 596 million euros, the actual results of 19 million it is 60 million shillingsand net debt of 84 million. Excluding Profile, the Metra Group alone (therefore without Profile) last year sold approximately 66,806 tons of aluminum (+8% in 2021) with sales that, taking into account costs and price increases, grew to 493 million (from 328 million in the year . 2021), with ebitda of 49 million (from 33 million), net profit of 19.2 million (from 8.7 million) (see here is the press release)

Developments were made in all areas in which Metra operates, namely industrial use, which accounts for about 70% of sales, and construction applications, which account for 30%. Rails (generally, these are roofs and flatbeds with passenger cars such as Hitachi, Alstom, Siemens, Titanagrah) accounts for more than 20% of sales and offers ever-increasing opportunities. Another 30 percent of the industrial division’s sales are directed to the mechanical end market, and the distribution of special design elements. In the automotive sector, however it is small in the list of group arrangement, the battery pack project for maserati and body materials extruded in white elements mounted on top Ferrari, Jlr and Aston Martin. In the construction sector, with the sale of the residential sector, driven by the resumption of renovation, it is worth mentioning in the Architecture category the supply of more than 2,000 tons of profiles for new headquarters. JPMorgan (builder New Hudson fabric) and the new headquarters of rolex (builder Fabrics), both in New York.

The first months of 2023, reads the letter, started well in terms of the spread of the production capacity of large presses and related sales levels, while it seems weak with regard to small presses, where the competition is more crowded and pushing. Overall, the group maintains a good level of income and cash generation capacity due to efficient projects and the ability to transfer the effects of inflation to the market. In the year you expect a investment plan of 26 million eurosan increase of 33% compared to 2022.

KPS Capital, through KPS Special Situation Mid-Cap Fundan American private equity firm, has also taken control since June 2021 Siderforgerossi Group spaan international manufacturer of large-diameter forgings located in Arsiero, in the province of Vicenza (see other articles no BeBeez), which however was not placed under the Fendari cycle.