The promise of the Chinese group Chery to arrive in Spain with a 30,000 Euro electric car has been twisted.

The promise of the Chinese group Chery to arrive in Spain with a 30,000 Euro electric car has been twisted.

03/10/2023 12:58

Updated 03/10/2023 12:58

Chery car is a famous Chinese automobile group founded in 1997. In its early years, it was the first Chinese company to establish a joint venture with a foreign automobile manufacturer, thus marking a major step in the Chinese industry. Throughout its history, it has experienced tremendous growth and has expanded nationally and internationally. It has formed strategic partnerships with world-renowned brands, such as Jaguar Land Rover and Daimler AG, to achieve advanced technology and expand its global presence.

In this global expansion, Europe is a very important target market. Therefore, its immediate plans are the delivery in the Old Continent of new models of its three brands. before the end of 2025. These vehicles will be manufactured by its subsidiaries Omoda, Jaecoo and Exlantix.

Omoda: mechanics and marketing

The usual bearer of this conveyance shall be Method 5, which is scheduled to be released in Spain later this year. Furthermore, this SUV will enter the UK market in early 2024 and Germany in April. The brand intends to offer a range of vehicles that will include combustion, plug-in hybrid and electric optionsfor the purpose of better responding to the various needs of each region.

According to the organization Reuters, Chery plans to launch Omoda and Jaecoo models in major European markets. Jochen Tuetingmanaging director of Chery for Europe, mentioned in the publication that the crossover will be priced competitively in the European market.

When the Omoda 5 hits the UK market, it will be available in three dialects mentioned above. The electric version will deliver 148 kW (198 HP) and a range of 450 km per charge of the 64 kWh battery, according to the European WLTP cycle approval.

In its cars, Chery has shown its commitment to innovation and modern technologies.

However, according to the organization, and this is mala information, currently, Chery has market plans combustion version in Spain, while in Germany petrol and electric models will be offered. Prices will be very competitive, almost 30.000 €, without relying on grants from aid programs.

The introduction of a 100% electric brand, Exlantix, will be released in early 2025. Among its lineup is the sedan, E03, and the SUV, E0Y. It will be interesting to watch how these new models and brands will do in the competitive European market, as the company’s efforts continue. more than selling cars.

The group is evaluating the possibility of acquiring or building assembly plant in Europe, focus on local production. Although the final decision may be made next year, the start of production of the car has not yet been scheduled. It may take about a year before Chery decides its strategy to develop the European market.