The province is urging Audi to reuse wastewater

The province is urging Audi to reuse wastewater

At Audi Brussels in the Forest, car manufacturer and Brussels Hydria water management company signed the first recycling agreement for clean wastewater Wednesday in front of Brussels Minister for Climate and Transitional Climate Change Alain Maron. It marks the start of the ReUse project, where sewage is reused after its treatment at a South Brussels water treatment plant.

ReUse is a Hydria-based project that aims to address water in a sustainable and circular manner. The goal is to avoid the use of drinking water in situations where it is not necessary.

The South Brussels Water Treatment Plant, managed by Hydria, treats wastewater for 360,000 Brussels residents. “With the Brussels-South wastewater treatment plant near our factory, we are integrating innovative technology to save water. This once again confirms our commitment to sustainable business,” says Volker Germann, CEO of Audi Brussels.

Audi Brussels is the first company to sign a contract with Hydria within ReUse. Water from a water treatment plant is used in the production chain, especially in the paint department, car wash and cooling towers.

After use, if necessary, the water will be treated on site by Audi Brussels and re-used on site for other activities. In this way, 100,000 m³ of drinking water will be stored annually, equivalent to 40 Olympic swimming pools.

“This signing is an important step in the transition to a more sustainable and circulatory management system in Brussels. The first project is taking shape and we plan to start doing more work soon,” explains Minister Maron.