The Range Rover Evoque combines style and luxury, and it’s a must-have

The Range Rover Evoque combines style and luxury, and it’s a must-have

If you were to buy a luxury SUV today, would it be convertible, hybrid or electric? This is the big question surrounding the payment segment at the moment. While the market is developing rapidly in the provision of electric models, many customers still prefer traditional cars – that is, with combustion engines. At this point, Range Rover Evoque It is one of the SUVs that immediately comes to mind among the Brazilian public.

There is a good reason why we still have the Evoque as a reference in the segment. Even without the recent update made abroad (which will soon arrive in Brazil), the entry-level SUV Range Rover continues to impress in terms of its appearance and well-designed assembly. Once on board, the materials and trim impress even those sitting in the back seat. The brand does not skimp on this segment and pleases those who want luxury.

Diogo de Oliveira/Estadão

As a gateway to the Range Rover, the Evoque is perfect in this regard. The SUV did not enter the power supply. While premium competitors such as BMW X1for example, it already has 100% electric versions, an SUV made on Jaguar Land Rover in Itatiaia (RJ) it continues to be turboflex only. Under the hood, it has a 2.0 Ingenium turboflex that produces 250 hp and a maximum torque of 36.3 mkgf from 1,300 rpm.

The gearbox is a German ZF 9-speed automatic, with AWD all-wheel drive. In addition, the SUV comes standard with Terrain Response, an interesting Range Rover program that provides several electronic adjustments and allows you to cope with the most difficult 4×4. Here we have another advantage of the Evoque over its competitors: while some advance in electricity, the Range Rover offers high performance on asphalt and dirt.

Range Rover Evoque 2023
Diogo de Oliveira/Estadão

The Range Rover Evoque excels in content

2023 Range Rover Evoque is available only this HSE R-Dynamic Edition, which is the most expensive in the range, priced at R$459,990. So you have the complete package. For example, it features items that customers want in the segment, such as a sunroof and 20-inch alloy wheels. On board, the model evaluated by JC It had a two-tone finish in burgundy and black, a very elegant combination.

One of the coolest accessories in the Range Rover Evoque is the interior rearview mirror. It produces images from a camera near the shark antenna on the roof. The picture quality is good and increases the field of view. Comfort is another high point, although interior space is not the greatest, with a wheelbase of 2.68 metres. There are electric adjustments on the steering column, and the steering wheel and seat move sideways to improve access.

Diogo de Oliveira/Estadão

In Brazil, the Evoque has not yet received the latest update, which will happen soon. Therefore, it still has two 10-inch screens in the middle of the panel – instead of the new 11.4 “display. The one at the top, is a new feature, serves multimedia and the Pivi Pro system, which has a wireless mirror. smartphone through Android Auto e Apple CarPlay. The lower screen shows the air conditioning adjustment and the Terrain Response 2 traction program.

The Evoque also has semi-autonomous driving assistants on its equipment list, with automatic high beams, emergency braking and lane keeping. There is also a Head-Up Display and steering wheel paddles for manual gear changes. The Meridian brand sound system provides high quality even during calls. In fact, the excellent sound insulation makes the Evoque’s cabin always quiet and pleasant.

Diogo de Oliveira/Estadão

Waiting to be electrified, the Evoque is light at the wheel

When you step into the cabin of the Range Rover Evoque, the attention to detail catches your eye. No contact point is covered with hard plastic. Even the floor has a soft and pleasant carpet. The luxury SUV also has a modern look and technological features. There are three screens on the dashboard and the steering wheel has buttons that can change shape when accessing settings. In general, the rate of improvement is indicative.

Behind the wheel, the Evoque 2023 is also impressive, albeit late in electrification. The British brand’s SUV still has a traditional package, with a hot engine. On the other hand, many continue to buy combustion engines because of the ease of refueling. Therefore, it makes sense for the Evoque to put a 2.0 turboflex engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Range Rover Evoque 2023
Diogo de Oliveira/Estadão

So, while JLR isn’t launching a battery-powered Evoque, the solution is to settle for a turboflex, which has better performance. The SUV responds quickly to acceleration and the gearbox changes gears very quickly. The drive is all-wheel AWD. Other high points are the suspension, which is well composed for the streets of Brazil, with better angles of entry (19.5°) and exit (30.6°), and 21.2 centimeters of free space. In this way, it is naturally exposed to speed bumps and ditches.

Range Rover Evoque has few negatives. The first is the compact size. Due to the design of the roof, which creates a straight line, the headroom is narrow, especially in the back seat. Additionally, the SUV lacks USB ports for the rear seats and fuel consumption is poor, averaging 5.4 km/l (city) and 7.1 km/l (highway) with ethanol and 8.2 km/l and up to 10.4 km / l and gasoline.

Range Rover Evoque 2023
Diogo de Oliveira/Estadão

Is the Range Rover Evoque 2023 a good buy?

Even with many new, electrified competitors hitting stores, the Range Rover Evoque remains the benchmark among luxury SUVs. It is a name that has won a large audience in Brazil in the last ten years. And it’s still going strong, with national production at the Itatiaia (RJ) plant and one of the few 4×4 models with off-road capability. But the Evoque is in desperate need of updates and hybrid versions.

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  • The SUV retains the original style and appeal with high refinements on board
  • Multimedia is easy to operate and offers simple, wireless mirroring
  • The top-of-the-line version has a dense equipment list and full of modern features
  • The turboflex 2.0 engine provides good performance, but requires some form of electricity
  • Intake in Inmetro PBVE is not so, especially with ethanol
  • Price is an obstacle in the face of increasing supply of hybrid and electric rivals

Range Rover Evoque R-Dynamic HSE P250


2.0, 16V, turboflex


250 cv to 5.500 rpm


36.3 mkgf at 1,300 rpm


Automatic, 9 gears; AWD all-wheel drive

Oil tank

67 liters

Height relative to the ground

21.2 centimeters

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

7.6 seconds

Maximum speed

230 km / h