The Range Rover Velar takes aim at the Macan.  He will have electricity in two years

The Range Rover Velar takes aim at the Macan. He will have electricity in two years

It’s time to power up. The Range Rover Velar starts with a facelifted version, but after two years it will get a successor. This will be fully electric and will be aimed at the next generation Macan.

Jaguar Land Rover, now known as JLR, recently presented its plans for the coming years. The British concern is preparing a real revolution and begins a full turn towards electromobility. Jaguar will be prioritized in terms of electric vehicles, but Land Rover will not be left behind. The new one will hit the road in 2025 Range Rover Velar. This will be a very important model in the brand portfolio.

The Range Rover Velar will be electric. It was inevitable

Other premium brands focus on the electrification of their model range. Soon we will meet the successor of the Macan and the equivalent of the Audi brand, namely the Q6 model. These will be very efficient and modern electric vehicles that have a chance to grab a large piece of the market.

Range Rover doesn’t want to leave customers without a fight. The Velar will be the first electric car in the group’s range. Why was this car chosen to start the portfolio change?

It’s very simple – it’s a very popular part. Excellent specifications and an attractive price for many dealers make it an ideal solution for many people.

The electric Velar will be built on the EMA platform

The British design will not give way to German competitors. We will find here an 800V installation, which will translate to the possibility of very fast charging and a power of up to 350 kW. There will also be plenty of power – Range Rover is announcing the first version of a very powerful variant.

Another unique feature of the EMA platform is the battery that will be used in the new vehicles. The British advertise its high energy density, which will translate into a large range while maintaining a small battery size.

The first models will hit the road later this year

Along with them, hidden copies of Jaguar’s upcoming novel will appear on the streets. The first model of the “new era” is the 4-door GT, which will give a range of 700 kilometers per charge and will cost 100,000 euros – previously. Jaguar he wants to jump to the top league and compete with Bentley.

In the case of Land Rover, the next vehicles on the electrification road are the Evoque and Discovery Sport models. Work on an electric Defender is also ongoing, and the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are preparing for the first electric variants.