The Red Bull RB17 will be a hybrid hypercar with 1,100 hp

The Red Bull RB17 will be a hybrid hypercar with 1,100 hp

Main news: Red Bull’s Advanced Technologies Unit has announced that they will design, develop and build a new luxury car. It will be a car that will provide the ‘ultimate driving experience on the track’. That sounds special. The big Red Bull car will be branded RB17. Some have already wondered why the Red Bull Race suddenly went from the original F1 car, RB16, to RB18 in terms of mention this year – this is why.

This design comes from the mind of Adrian Newey, the man behind the best F1 cars ever designed by Aston native producer Martin Valkyrie. The project was taken over by Aston itself when the brand acquired its F1 team. Newey has a clear opinion that he still has it an unfinished business ina.

‘New extreme performance standards’

It does not look like Red Bull RB17 will be legal on the street, so this hypercar will not be subject to any strict rules that restrict uncontrolled performance. “RB17 distributes everything we know about making Formula 1 championship cars into a package that takes a two-person car to new performance standards,” said Newey.

So far we have only seen the above, er, bad draft. But Red Bull has already dropped that their new hypercar will be run by a hybrid V8 hybrid with over 1,100 powerful. It will also feature a carbon fiber mixer and will feature “the highest impact package ever installed on a production vehicle.” Only 50 units will be built and production will begin in 2025 at the Red Bull home camp in Milton Keynes, England.

Christian Horner on a new Red Bull car

“RB17 is an important step in the evolution of Red Bull Advanced Technologies, where we can now fully create and build a continuous production vehicle at our Red Bull Technology Campus,” said Christian Horner, who is both CEO. Red Bull Competition and Extensive Technologies. “In addition, the RB17 is the first car from the Red Bull brand to be available to collectors.”

But most of all you want to know the price, right? In fact, in the UK the party starts at £ 5 million (about £ 5.8 million) before tax, which means you will probably need to bring at least £ 6 million (£ 7 million) to get your name on the list. With that money, however, you can also get a copy of the Red Bull F1 team, as well as a lot of training on the song – from the people running the most successful F1 team. You will need that too, because the Red Bull hypercar will no doubt be very fast.

So, what luxury car did Newey create could be: Red Bull RB17 or rather AMR Valkyrie Pro?

This is how the Red Bull RB17 competitor feels