the return of the star on the bonnet

the return of the star on the bonnet

After showing you yesterday the spy photos of the next Mercedes C-Class, here, along with the official press release, the German company gives information about The next EQS. Expected for 2025, this sedan will have a bigger battery and front restyling and the return of the Mercedes-Benz star on the hood.

According to the statement, “all 2025 EQS models benefit from an all-new battery with a capacity increased by 118 kWh“. Mercedes has not released data on autonomy, limiting itself to saying that it will be larger. In addition, the new regenerative recovery program will allow more efficient energy recovery during braking. In fact, thanks to this new system, EQS disks they are used less frequently than combustion engine vehicles, reducing wear and tear over time.

The modern design of the EQS sedan is further emphasized by the deep black panel grille, which is seamlessly integrated with the headlamps. The grille is now finished with chrome slats flush set for elegant contrast with the deep blacks of the environment. In addition, the presence of the Mercedes-Benz star on the bonnet and the standard AMG Line bumper will contribute an additional touch to the refinement.

Inside the car, chrome accents adorn the climate control vents on the B-pillars, while the comfort cushions for the rear passengers enhance contrast stitching and Nappa leather piping. Rear passenger options will include Pinnacle upholstery, in a optional interior set called “Executive”: in this configuration the front seat will be able to be folded to provide additional space, and the backrest can be adjusted up to 38 degrees for the rear seats which will be heated. A real mini living room if necessary.

Finally, unlike the next C-Class that we told you about at the beginning, the 2025 EQS will have modern technology, including MBUX Hyperscreen as standard, which combines three displays to create a wide band. more than 55 inches. Additionally, a standard heat pump improves comfort and air conditioning efficiency by using waste heat from the electric drive and battery to heat the passenger compartment.