The room is a place of pilgrimage for many car lovers – the BMW meeting exceeds all expectations

The room is a place of pilgrimage for many car lovers – the BMW meeting exceeds all expectations

“Tradition meets comfort”, in addition to the conference’s motto, co-ordinator Anja Mayer-Helmberger and her team met perfectly with the taste of car lovers. The delightful program of helping with tombola and collaboration was very popular and Ziach’s music in the beer garden contributed to a successful round-the-clock event. Crowds of visitors lined up near the cars at the exhibition and talked about the many tax products and their stories.

About 25 helpers at the conference were busy throughout the day arranging for cars to arrive at the parking lot. Participants flocked to the venue from all sides and transformed the exhibition area into a colorful bouquet of Bavarian motifs. Many BMW friends also endured long journeys and came, for example, from Melk, Linz, Salzburg, Grödig, Simbach, Erding, Miesbach, Rosenheim or Burghausen. “Several BMW friends from Traunstein came with 17 cars,” chief coordinator Anja Mayer-Helmberger said cheerfully.

Among the cars were real toll items. Four of the beautiful Isetta met. The eye-catcher was definitely the BMW E28 from the car manufacturer “Cars10S Automotive”. The classic black BMW 501 car turned out to be a real toll product, which attracted everyone’s attention. For car racing fans, three BMW E30 M3 sports cars were displayed to impress.

Matthias Mayer from the general youth table organization organization had bright eyes as he described the cars. “This BMW E9 3.0 l CSL is not a small bag,” he smiled and was also able to enjoy the crowd of motorcycles from the Munich car manufacturer. In addition to the highlights, many BMW friends used the conference to present their well-designed “everyday cars” to the public and reflect on the BMW world.

The Unterberger car dealership marked the newest generation from Munich with the selection of the current fleet of cars. The electric-powered BMW I3 or I8 model with hybrid storage was impressed, as was the famous “M 4 Competition”. “I was very happy that we were able to win the sale of cars as a support again and we became rich with a lot of big cars,” says Anja Mayer-Helmberger.

Florian Wimmer from Kammer won the grand prize in the lottery. His ticket won a meat loaf snack for 15 people from the Braunsperger butcher. Many other winners were also able to expect more prizes from Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, among others. There was a lot of commotion at the stadium until late in the evening and guests walked over to the exhibition and took advantage of the catering editions of Gasthaus zur Post.

“The meeting was a complete success,” Anja Mayer-Helmberger concludes, adding, “All participants behaved in a disciplined manner and our cultural norms met with stability that hit the mark again this year.” Planning for a new version in the coming year has already begun.

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