The sale of coal by local governments will start soon.  “Coal will last all season”

The sale of coal by local governments will start soon. “Coal will last all season”

The government is struggling to provide coal. Local government sales should begin as soon as possible

Although the laws have not yet entered into force, on Saturday, October 29, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, together with ministers, voivodes and company presidents, participated in a short meeting to implement the procedure. distribution of coal by local governments. According to Piotr Müller, the government wants to implement measures regarding the redistribution of coal as soon as possible.

– We want to distribute coal in such a way that Polish residents can buy it step by step that there will be no shortage in private areas due to the problem of equipment – informed the government spokesman.

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Are all local governments ready to sell coal to residents?

The government spokesperson said that Treasury companies have been talking to local governments that have signed up for the program for several days. According to Müller, Many local governments are ready to start distribution, they are waiting for the regulations to come into force.

– Anyway some local governments do not show that a large amount of carbonwhat they thought they would be in the beginning. We are, of course, ready for the fact that this can change – says the spokesperson.

Is coal from local governments enough for everyone?

Müller emphasized that the demand is diverse, in some voivodeships it is tens of thousands of tons, and in others even several hundred thousand tons. He also maintained that there were “certain logistical risks”.

– In some parts of the country there may be temporary shortages due to the fact that this chain of equipment is complex and must be replenished regularly from Polish ports. In general, this coal is enough for the whole season. We are trying to ensure that this allocation happens gradually, so that there is no shortage at the same time – assured the spokesperson.


Have you bought coal for the winter?

When will the local government coal law come into effect?

On October 27, the Sejm adopted some of the Senate’s amendments to the coal supply law. Local governments should purchase coal from importers for no more than PLN 1,500 per ton, and then sell to residents for no more than PLN 2,000 per ton.