The seat is disappearing from the market, will it be replaced by the Cupra?  Surprise after the words of the president of the company.  “false reports”

The seat is disappearing from the market, will it be replaced by the Cupra? Surprise after the words of the president of the company. “false reports”

Kit won’t produce cars anymore?

“The future of Seat is the Cupra,” said Thomas Schäfer, president of the Volkswagen concern, in an interview with “Autocar”. The announcement took place at the beginning of September, during the IAA Mobility exhibition in Munich, so it had a very wide response. The president said that Cupra is currently the fastest growing car brand in Europe, and the company will “get another role” for Seat.

Many experts and journalists interpreted these statements clearly, and articles appeared in the media with the headlines “The end of the legendary brand”, “The chair is disappearing from the market”, etc. The media storm ended with Kiti representatives who sent a short message to the media.

The end of the production of Seats? These are “false reports”

“Today (September 4 – editor) there were false reports in the Polish and foreign media that the Volkswagen Group announced the cessation of the production of cars under the SEAT brand,” the press release emphasized.

The source of the misunderstanding was the interpretation and taking out of the wider context the words of Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, who, in a conversation with Autocar during the IAA Mobility 2023 exhibition, said, among other things, that a “different role” was planned for Martorell brand. It is true that The Volkswagen Group is working on the electrification of the SEAT brand and is showing its further development. It also includes providing solutions new forms of mobility, such as subscription and subscription offers, or mobility solutions, including SEAT MÓ (two wheels – ed.). The SEAT brand can boast an 18% increase in vehicle sales this year, delivering 199,000 vehicles to customers. cars. SEAT currently has the highest order book and offers the best product range in its history. The manufacturer’s plans are to introduce new versions of the hybrid models Ibiza, Arona and Leon on the market – it was concluded.

Kit and Cupra, what brand are these?

A chair For many, it is a cult car brand, present in the market since 1950. The name Kiti is an abbreviation of Spanish Association of Touring Cars, namely the Spanish Passenger Car Company. Initially, Kiti collaborated with Fiat of Italy, and from the early 1980s with Volkswagen, which quickly took over the company. The most popular models of Kiti are Leon and Ibiza.

Cupra was at the end of the 20th century the name of the Viti sports versions, then it was the Cupra series of sports models. Since 2018, Cupra is a different brand, a car manufacturer, not only with high performance. The most famous examples are Leon and Formentor.

Old cars will not fit in the middle. Residents were divided