The seat of Ibiza hit the Polna bus station.  Dwelling in splinters of metal and glass.  The driver left the car alone

The seat of Ibiza hit the Polna bus station. Dwelling in splinters of metal and glass. The driver left the car alone

In Jaworznicka, April 6, seat Ibiza rolled up. The PKM Jaworzno facility crumbled into pieces of metal and a pile of glass. The fence of a neighboring property was also damaged. The collision looked terrible, but fortunately no one was injured. The car driver got out of the car himself. He was drunk. He will answer criminally in court.

A terrible road collision happened yesterday, April 6 in Jaworzno in the afternoon. A Seat Ibiza rolled over on Jaworznicka Street, completely destroying the bus station. The driver left the car alone.

The fatal collision took place on April 6, 2023 in Jaworzno in Jaworznicka Street. As a result of the overturning of Ibiza passengers, the PKM Jaworzno bus station was completely destroyed. It was left with shards of metal and a pile of shards of glass.

– We received a report of the collision at 15.47. The 27-year-old driver of the Seat Ibiza, a resident of Ɓopuszna in Kielce poviat, which rolled over on Jaworznicka Street, informs Sgt. employees. Justyna Wiszowaty, acting KMP information officer in Jaworzno.

A resident of the Kielce district was driving at an excessive speed, either he had drunk alcohol. The road condition was difficult, it was slippery due to snowfall.

“The cause of the accident is the speed not adjusted according to the weather on the road,” Wiszowaty said. The car driver was drunk and had a blood count of around 0.5%. These reasons led to the fact that he lost control of the car and hit the shelter of the bus impulsively, and then, turning around, he found himself on the side of the road – the policeman reveals.

In the event of the rollover, the vehicle damaged the fence of a nearby property.

– The 45-year-old owner of a single-family home near where the collision occurred has been seriously injured. The overturned vehicle damaged the property’s fence – adds Sgt. employees. Justyna Wiszowaty.

The incident happened at the top of the Szczakowa Polna bus station, near the PRO-FAMILIA-MED clinic. The staff of this station provided first aid to the driver of the car.

– The car driver left the car alone. He was given first aid by the staff of a nearby clinic. Fortunately, there were no injuries, there were no people at the bus stop and the roadway during the incident. The driver was not seriously injured, the spokesman said.

Other services, the fire brigade and medical rescue were called to the scene. City services were notified of the damage to the bus shelter.

The driver of the seat received a ticket for causing a collision on the road, he will also be punished for driving while intoxicated

– In addition to the ticket for causing the collision, the 27-year-old will be charged with drunk driving. He faces up to 2 years in prison, a driving ban and additional court-imposed fines, the police said.

The man faces up to two years in prison, the court may decide to increase the driving ban from 3 to even 15 years. The driver will also bear the consequences of the material related to the damage to the bus station and the property’s fence.

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