The seat will remain on the market: The head of the brand on the future of the Spanish manufacturer

The seat will remain on the market: The head of the brand on the future of the Spanish manufacturer

The changes that will occur in our brands will be a natural response to market demands and will certainly be an evolution, not a revolution. The Volkswagen Group is the largest car group in Europe and, in addition to selling new cars, we offer after-sales service and service for thousands of used cars. We care about the needs of customers and guarantee the availability of parts for discontinued models for a period of at least 10 years from the end of sales. The ever-growing car fleet means that the Seat brand is also gradually increasing the number of Service Points in Poland. Thanks to this, we are close to our customers also in physical terms – the main goal is to provide the best quality of service and maintenance and to create customer satisfaction. All technical and warranty processes are in line with group standards and mostly based on the same systems, so there is no risk to customers that this continuity will be interrupted.

Cupra is getting stronger. What new products can we expect from this brand in the near future?

Cupra is a phenomenon of the car market. It is quite unusual and continues at a dizzying pace: in 5 years, Cupra has sold 400,000 cars and this is not the last word. To date, we have delivered nearly 150,000 Cupra units worldwide, an increase of 60%. Every year. These results make this brand one of the fastest growing car brands in Europe. Cupra cars always bring a big smile to the faces of customers and interest to those who are not yet familiar with them. The product is fully installed and will soon release a new model, 100 percent electric SUV Tavascan, which has a battery range of up to 550 km, and charging it for a distance of 100 km will take 7 minutes. At the last exhibition of the IAA in Munich, Cupra he also showed the Formentor VZ5 in a limited edition BAT, the new electric Raval, as well as the unusual concept car DarkRebel, which was created on the basis of more than 270,000 configurations made by fans of the brand. in Meathype and is the fulfillment of automotive dreams associated with Cupra.

What attracts customers to Cupra and who buys cars of this brand? What does a typical customer look like?

Cupra is a bold brand that breaks the mold. It is aimed at young customers, individuals looking for non-obvious solutions, progressive people who want to stand out from the crowd, but not by showing their status, but by emphasizing their individuality. Cupra offers cars with character for people with character who are looking for something more than a luxury brand offering, but at a premium price. We provide an answer for clients who value attention to detail. The brand is interested in the dynamic and progressive design of the vehicles and their uniqueness. Regarding the scientific arguments, it is worth mentioning the well-set price, high-quality equipment and an attractive financial offer from Volkswagen Financial Services, thanks to which every customer will find a tailor-made solution. You can drive a Cupra without spending your own money, and for those who like to change cars often, we have a lease where you can change the car to a new one even every year.

How many sales points does Cupra currently have and how many are planned?