The second stop of the Land Rover Kite Cup in Jastarnia is behind us.  The final competition from the series will be soon at Puck

The second stop of the Land Rover Kite Cup in Jastarnia is behind us. The final competition from the series will be soon at Puck

The best kitesurfers in Poland competed on the water last weekend in Jastarnia. The second stop of the Land Rover Kite Cup was held, as part of which the official Polish Freestyle and Wave Championships were held. The attendance in the Wing category was a pleasant surprise – as many as 18 competitors took part in this fast-growing discipline.

In total, more than 50 people competed in Jastarnia – despite the lack of wind on the first day, all competitions took place on the next. Top competitors took part, including Julia Damasiewicz, who recently won gold at the World Junior Kite Championships.

In the competition of the Polish Freestyle Championship, in the Open Men’s category, Marek Rowiński again won the Polish Championship, and among women, Martyna Konkel won the title of Polish Champion. The best player under the age of 18 turned out to be Krzesimir Przybyłowski. In Formula Kite, the competition was dominated by Julia Damasiewicz, winning in the OPEN and U18 categories. Among the men, Maksymilian Żakowski turned out to be the fastest, and in the U21 and U17 groups, Piotr Szymiec.


For the second time in history, there was a competition in a new discipline – Wingfoil. The Wingfoil race was held, where Karolina Lipińska won the OPEN, ahead of Paulina Ziółkowska. Among the men in the OPEN, Kamil Manowiecki turned out to be the best, and Tomasz Janiak emerged as the best in the Wingfoil Race. In Freestyle, in Wingfoil, Paulina Ziółkowska won in the Open, and Bartek Kulczyński in the men’s category. The Polish Kiteboarding Association and the Polish Wing Association supervised the proper course of the competition.

– On the second day of this year’s edition, we were able to play almost all the tournaments, we just had to postpone Big Air. Excellent attendance and sporting standard of the tournament. The situation on the Baltic Sea was not the easiest, especially for people competing in freestyle categories, but all fans could watch amazing tricks – said Michał Zieliński, the organizer of the competition.


This year the competition has been sponsored by the Land Rover brand. Among the competitions, you can see the latest models, incl. Defender iconic and check their capabilities on a special ramp in the port of Jastarnia. Next to it, there is an advertising tool where you will be able to sign up for test drives for the next three weeks.

At the competition, everyone could learn more and try sports equipment of recognized brands such as: North Kiteboarding, Mystic and Starboard, Duotone, ION and Fanatic, F-One, Manera and RRD. Distributors of these brands in Poland allocated to the winners this year a record total of prizes totaling PLN 150,000.

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This year, the organizers donate PLN 100 of the entry fee from each competitor to the legal activities of the MARE Foundation and the protection of the Baltic Sea. A new website has also been created, where you can find the most important information on the protection of the body of water, as well as guidance on safety and water. The youngest will find accessible infographics, and teachers – lesson plans about the Baltic Sea.


The final competitions of the Land Rover Kite Cup – the Polish Kitesurfing and Wingfoil Cup and the Polish Formula Kite and Wingfoil Championships will be held in Puck, on August 11-14 in Puck at MOKSiR Puck at the yacht harbor. Any athlete can participate in the competition. On the first day of the competition, it is enough to report to the competition office between 8:00 and 9:30 and register.

Scoreboard and more information on the page LANDROVERKITECOM and on social networks.

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