The secret of this ‘abandoned’ McLaren in London

The secret of this ‘abandoned’ McLaren in London

Sharing a car with someone at home and forgetting that your bike is still at the station because you traveled by train, that can happen. But forgetting that you left your McLaren 540C at a hotel in London is hard to imagine. However, that seems to be the case with this pink McLaren, which some say has been in the same place for eight years.

The McLaren is parked at the St. Pancras Renaissance in London and since then has become something of history. According to a TikTok video with 1.4 million views, the car has not moved since the start of the epidemic. Some people reply that the car has been there since 2014. Is the McLaren 540C really left behind?

The stories are greatly exaggerated

Let’s start with the facts. The McLaren 540C has only been around since 2015, so the car can’t be there for eight years. McLaren is missing from Google Streetview images as of November 2020. However, since 2017, Streetview images show a Nissan Figaro in the same color in a hotel parking lot. Space?

In addition, the TikTok video still has air in the McLaren tires and the car is still very clean. That the car would have been left behind (for a long time) therefore seems somewhat exaggerated. By the way, you can be sure that the hotel management will remove the car when the guests have left for a long time. So the whole story seems exaggerated.

It’s not one car, it’s two

Automatic evolution I found a video from February 2021 of the popular car wrap Yiannimize and this is where the story gets confusing. Jordan apparently had a 540C that was wrapped in pink. This car was involved in an accident in 2020, after which the owner bought a second McLaren 540C and painted it in exactly the same color. But that’s not all.

Someone bought a crashed McLaren 540C, fixed it up and also had the wraps repaired in the same shade of pink. So there are two McLarens in the UK in this color – although one seems to have crashed again. But the car that is said to have been left for years in front of the hotel is actually two cars that are exactly the same.

The owner of the ‘abandoned’ McLaren is probably a regular guest at the hotel. Some people claim that the owner lives in the hotel. And because the car is so amazing (and so many people are taking pictures of it), it looks like it’s been standing for years. So the ultimate mystery of a derelict McLaren is really more than just an owner with a favorite parking spot.

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