The sidepod setting can still be changed

The sidepod setting can still be changed

( – The presentations of the new Formula 1 cars so far have shown that despite the strict regulations, there are many differences in the field – the question is: for how long? Because in the long run, teams expect a merger in which the best concepts will dominate.

The eye-catching fingers of the AMR22 are still flexible



The sidelines in particular so far have shown a huge difference between the teams. Of Aston Martin AMR22 so far it has attracted attention for a design in which the sideboard has a strong underpass, but remains wider and hits just before the rear wheels. But that may also change in the near future.

Engineering Director Andrew Green knows there are many ways and Aston Martin has discovered one. “One of the requirements for the design of the car was to give us flexibility. I didn’t want us to make the car in a bad state of development,” he insists.

Aston Martin AMR22: Analysis on video

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Aston Martin AMR22: Analysis on video

That was the presentation of the AMR22: What Aston Martin is still missing from the top teams and Sebastian Vettel is thinking about his future Formula 1 car.

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That means: Aston Martin is not completely committed to the concept, but wants to be able to react quickly. “I wanted us to be able to move around and explore different areas freely,” says Green. “So we have the opportunity to change the layout of the radiators and sidepods in the 2022 season.”

In any case, it is assumed that the cars will change significantly between the presentation, he gives the test and the start of the season.