The small electric SUV will target a younger audience

The small electric SUV will target a younger audience

Volvo’s electric crossover will arrive in the coming months. The CEO of the brand explains the target audience of this new car.

Volvo’s electric models are currently SUVs, but a smaller size is coming. For months, the Swedish brand has been working on a ‘zero’ version that could be called the EX30.

It will share Smart’s #1 SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform. This is not surprising, as the two companies are dependent on the Chinese giant Geely. Several battery sizes will be available for this rear wheel drive vehicle.

But we learn today what kind of audience the small SUV will target, according to Volvo’s goals. “The number of people we have at Volvo is older than we would like”Jim Rowan told Sales. “We would like to attract more young people to the brand”.

However, the brand director assures that this future model will offer a “reasonable size”, with good freedom. It is usually June 2023 that we will discover this brand new model, and it should go on sale during the summer. Meanwhile, EX90 will join The electric XC40 and C40 in agreement with the Swedish manufacturer.

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