The speeder loses control in a roundabout, hits a lamp post and crashes into the Hyundai

The speeder loses control in a roundabout, hits a lamp post and crashes into the Hyundai

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The driver of the accident shot a traffic light and hit another car. © Police

A 28-year-old man drove his Golf on a roundabout, lost control, fell off a traffic light and hit a Hyundai. Fortunately, everyone involved was only slightly injured. The driver’s license of the driver involved in the accident is now missing.

On Friday, April 12, around 11 pm there was a fatal traffic accident in Edewecht on the highway roundabout near Baumschulenweg. According to the current police findings, the 28-year-old driver from the municipality of Apen drove his VW Golf from the parking lot onto the highway towards Südedewecht and accelerated as much as possible. He then drove the VW into a traffic circle near Baumschulenweg before losing control of his vehicle.

Golf knocks down a street lamp

According to police findings, the VW Golf car drove over the traffic island and a large traffic light and then hit the Hyundai almost head-on from Bad Zwischenahn and entered the roundabout. A 23-year-old driver of a car coming from the municipality of Edewecht was slightly injured in the road accident. Both vehicles were badly damaged and had to be towed.

A professional company must remove street lights

The street lamp, which had entered the road, also had to be dismantled by a special company. The area was closed for the recovery of the vehicles. As the person who caused the accident was said to have been speeding on the city’s main road the day before, the 28-year-old driver’s license was confiscated by order of the prosecutor’s office in Oldenburg. and criminal proceedings were initiated on suspicion of prohibited motor racing.Â