the sports version of the previously revealed ID.3 GTX electric compact!

the sports version of the previously revealed ID.3 GTX electric compact!

Announced since spring 2022 but not yet officially presented (it won’t be long of course!), the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX has been overtaken by its Spanish cousin. Cupra has just launched its Born VZ, a sporty version of the electric compact. On the program, more than 300 hp thanks to the new electric motor, technical and aesthetic improvements that make it more powerful, more in line with the spirit of the young brand within the VW group.

Cupra Born was the first 100% electric model in 2021, and a great success since the brand exceeded 45,000 units in 2023. Until now, it had a maximum of 230 hp, power already largely enough for ordinary people. However, the Cupra has a weaker MG4 look

More than 300 hp in Born, now possible

So the Born VZ shows 325 hp, using a single rear-mounted engine. The torque rises to 545 Nm, announcing a very good response to acceleration. Cupra announces that it has revised the suspension with improved settings, new anti-roll bars and new DCC Sport controlled suspension. The same goes for more precise steering and more efficient braking. 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 5.7 seconds, one second less than the 230 hp version. The maximum speed increases to 200 km / h (+ 40 km / h) thanks to the electric lift. However, this increase in strength does not result in a loss of daily effectiveness. The Cupra is indeed integrating a new battery with a higher capacity. The package shows 79 kWh (+ 2 kWh) and gives an estimated range of 570 km. Charging can be done with 11 kW of alternating current or at a fast terminal up to 170 kW (30 minutes from 10 to 80%).

A more expressive style

Finally, in terms of style, the Cupra Born VZ stands out with a few special features. Apart from its two new colors Esterel Green (excluding VZ) and Midnight Black (on all versions), this version gets new 20-inch rims with bronze inserts and redesigned bumpers. Ditto on board, where the compact offers “Cup Bucket” bucket seats as standard, shared by the Formentor VZ5 and Leon VZ Cup. This model has a glass roof and many accessories such as full Smart Light lighting with visual aids for driving (blind spots, parking, etc.) or a 10-channel high-quality sound system designed by Sennheiser (option). The central screen expands to 12.9 inches (slightly larger than the current Born, which displays 12 inches) and has a backlit touch bar for air conditioning or volume controls like the Volkswagen. Other improvements such as the possibility of remote parking via your smartphone, the Park Assist automatic memory function or even 360-degree cameras are present.

All these improvements should be returned by Volkswagen for the ID.3 GTX, whose delivery could take place before spring. As for the Cupra, the launch is planned for the third quarter of 2024, with a commercial launch from June in France. Prices will be announced at that time.

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Summing up

Finally Cupra takes a slight lead over Volkswagen by presenting its sports version of the compact electric Born, while we wait for the ID.3 GTX, announced since 2022…