The stage of development of the works of the Fiat factory in Oran was revealed

The stage of development of the works of the Fiat factory in Oran was revealed

Construction of the Fiat car factory in Oran is well underway. This was announced by Oran rice during the official release on Tuesday. Welcoming the large delegation of Nigeria, the delegates pointed out that the increase in the speed of work has enabled the company in charge of the construction of reach a high level of development. So the latter will be able to respect the deadline set at the end of 2023.

It works very well for the Fiat factory in Oran

The “Fiat” brand car manufacturing plant of the Italian group Stellantis will start operating soon. Said Sayoud, the governor of Oran, said in a press release that the level of progress on the site, located in the Tafraoui industrial area, was “very high”. If the teams maintain this pace, the factory will open its doors by the end of 2023, adds the latter.

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While the first unit was completed two months ago, the second work has exceeded 60% thanks to 15% increase in food less than a month. Wali wa Oran said that the company managing the project has accelerated to meet the deadline. Thanks to this move, the officially announced opening date has a good chance of being honored.

The production of Fiat cars in Algeria will be launched soon

In his speech, Sayoud recalled the potential of the factory which will soon start its first batch of production “We will be ready before the end of this year for the production of the first car in the Fiat factory in the Tafraoui industrial area. The area of approximately 139,000 hectares have been reserved for the production of 16 types of Fiat vehicles, with an investment of 200 million euros”.

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The connection of gas and tap water continues according to the same source. The installation of the electric circuit was completed by the Sonelgaz company. According to experts, this factory is on the way to become the real base of industrial development in the west of the country.

Finally Sayoud confirmed that this visit of the Nigerian delegation reflected great interest given by African countries to Algeria and “to take our country in the way of building a strong economic foundation”.