The startup is offering free smart TVs in the US.  Requirement to view ads

The startup is offering free smart TVs in the US. Requirement to view ads

Start Telly wants to give 500,000 in the summer television, the price is the attention of the audience. TV has two shows. The second broadcasts 24 hours a day.

A large display called Theater Display is 55 inches. Such a TV, according to the owner of Telly, can be sold in retail chains for about PLN 1,000. the hole Instead of selling TVs at low prices and in small quantities, Telly wants to make money from advertising. Four times smaller, the second display placed below the larger one is shaped like a narrow strip. It resembles modern writing. It will show news, weather forecast, stock quotes, and on the right side, ads. Both displays are separated by a soundbar sound system.

The lower screen may shrink, for example, when playing a video on a larger screen. When the top display is not in use, scheduled ads can be shown on both.

– There are hundreds of things we think about to create the most engaging ad ever – The Telly’s Dallas Lawrence told The Verge. The company is working on a Telly Rewards loyalty program that will reward users with gift cards to Netflix or Starbucks for completing screen surveys.

Telly’s founder is Ilja Pozin, co-founder of Pluto TV, an ad-supported TV streaming service owned by media giant Paramount.

Since the 1950s, the model of television broadcasting has been a free program for viewers funded by advertising revenue from advertisers. In 1941, the first national television commercial for Bulova watches appeared in the United States. In 1950, the first Nielsan ratings and sponsored programs. In 1960, the first commercial break on ABC.

Telly wants to extend this design to TV receivers.