The story of the American auto industry… in rape – “True Stories” AUTOMOTIVE for the fifth time

The story of the American auto industry… in rape – “True Stories” AUTOMOTIVE for the fifth time

More than 5.5 meters long, convertible version, leather upholstery, chrome trim and the characteristic sound of the engine – if not for the fields near the rape and the beautiful scenery of Kujawy, the 1972 Cadillac Eldorado ride with the heroes of the next phase the real one. stories can be the famous journey of Route 66. This one of the American cars in Poland is not the only international accent of the latest AUTOMOTIVE “True Stories”. The fact that travel changes life and creates dreams, under the pretext of a surprise for Mother’s Day, is shared by Yoskel and his mother-in-law – Miss Irena – the owner of a unique car model.

Classic driving songs in the sun-drenched history and multiculturalism of Ms. Irena – mother of two adult daughters, who fell in love with American Cadillacs thanks to her son-in-law, has been available on YouTube since Mother’s Day. OTOMOTO shares “True Stories” of cars and their owners for the fifth time. In all circular ads, only the authors of the ads available on the platform appear – current owners of the cars put up for sale, with no experience in appearing in front of the camera.

The fifth part of “True Stories” takes viewers back several years. The main character – Mrs. Irena, remembers the first meeting with her son-in-law, connecting it with her first Cadillac ride in her life. The trip to Cuba was a success for him in many respects – as he says, he had a son, but he also fell in love … with Cadillac.

Yoskel rented a Cadillac, which I drove as the queen at their wedding. Then I decided that I must have such a car – I really liked it … but so did Yoskel! Irene remembers with a smile.

In the latest “True Stories” of OTOMOTO, frames from a trip along a beautiful road near a field of rape flowers are combined with memory photos from the wedding of Yoskel and Ewelina – Irena’s daughter. The main character of the film talks about his feelings related to the first Cadillac ride in his life.

For the first time since the beginning of the “True Stories” series, two cars appear in the film. The Eldorado model shown at OTOMOTO remains ahead. The car was brought to Poland by Mrs. Irena and Yoskel a few years ago. This video also has an old version of this old model – a Cadillac from a wedding procession, passing through the streets of Havana – says Patrycja Pawłowska, leader of social networks at OTOMOTO, founder of the “True Stories” series.

Yoskel and Ms. Together Irena talks about importing the car from the US, as well as the work and heart put into its maintenance over the years. They also mention its specialty – engine capacity exceeding 8 liters, which is associated with very high fuel consumption. Knowing the characteristics of the model well, they are looking for an enthusiastic person who will take care of Cadillac in the future.

For many people, a car is more than a means of transportation. It is often a true dream, which over the years is associated with more memories and unique feelings. “True stories” let’s see that OTOMOTO is a place that can connect enthusiasts looking for a new owner of their car with people who know how to take care of real gems of cars. After all, as Yoskel, the hero of our column said – “the car belongs to the road” – says Agnieszka Czajka, general manager of OTOMOTO.

A new episode of OTOMOTO will be broadcast on the Internet from May 26. The campaign will be supported by advertising activities in social networks and the Internet. MADOGZ Agency is responsible for the creative concept and coordination of social networks, as well as the production of spots and campaigns. The director of the scene is Jan Foryś, and Lucky Luciano’s production house is responsible for the cinematography.

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