The Subaru Rex is a car that shouldn’t be sold.  This is what the manufacturer himself says

The Subaru Rex is a car that shouldn’t be sold. This is what the manufacturer himself says

Imagine you walk into a showroom and see a new car that you like. You ask the salesman about them, and he straight from the bridge says that “no, it’s not like that, it’s not worth it, we don’t sell them either”. This is more or less the history of Subaru Rex, that is, the new model of the brand.

Well, the Japanese brand decided it would be an unpopular choice anyway, so sales estimates were set very low.

Subaru Rex to sell 1,800 cars…

… every year. That is 150 cars per month. And we are talking about one country here, ie Japan, because this is where Rex will hit the showrooms.

It’s definitely not a Subaru. You’re looking at a disguised Daihatsu Rocky that got better equipment but lost a better engine. The Rex will get a standard 1.2 unit, producing 87 hp and 113 Nm.

This model is also available as Toyota Raize and Perodua Ativa. For other brands, the offer is also limited, as Daihatsu has a Turbo 1.0 engine and four-wheel drive in the range. Surprisingly, these features did not reach the brand, which is known for four wheel drives. So only the front wheel drive remains.

So I’m not surprised that Subaru is taking average sales

After all, you can find the same thing in a better version, it’s one thing, and two – apart from the price, there are not too many advantages here. Initially, it costs 1,820,000 yen, or around PLN 60,600. The most expensive version costs PLN 72,000. So the wallet does not complain in front of this car.

At least Subaru is honest and doesn’t pretend to be another important model in the lineup.

By the way, the decision to put this car into production is surprising. This was clearly accomplished by a collaboration between Subaru and Toyota, because I don’t see any other reason to create a car that sells poorly.

Rex will definitely not be released outside of Japan. Other markets are dominated by Perodua, Toyota and Daihatsu, which is why another “competitor” seems to have no legitimacy.