The teaser shows a 3.3L R6 with 340hp and a turbo

The teaser shows a 3.3L R6 with 340hp and a turbo

( – Last week Mazda launched a week-long teaser campaign for its new CX-90. Today, the heart of the SUV intended for the American market, the new inline six-cylinder engine, will be the first to be “opened” nearby.

Let’s start with Mazda’s numbers. As usual, CX stands for SUV. The odd numbers on the CX-30 are reserved for the US. The CX-50, which is developed in partnership with Toyota, will soon be joined by the CX-70 and CX-90. In Europe we already know the CX-60 with plug-in hybrid, which will be available soon Six cylinder diesel will give The long version with three rows of seats is a bus CX-80.

But back to the American CX-90: we already knew that the straight-six would come here too, but now we have some details. The 3.3-liter turbo engine develops 345 hp (254 kilowatts) and a torque of 500 Newton meters. American customers want power, but due to emissions (CO2) reasons, the 3.3 liter only comes to Europe without a turbo.

At launch, it will be Mazda’s most powerful production engine. Also, the new teaser confirms that the CX-90 will be available as either plugging combination or as an SUV with a clean combustion engine.

The 3.3 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine was originally introduced with the CX-60 and produces 280 hp (209 kW) for buyers in Japan, Australia and Europe. The CX-60 plug-in hybrid throws in a six-cylinder, opting for a 2.5-liter Skyactiv cylinder paired with a 129 kW electric motor to produce a combined output of 327 hp (241 kW).

It’s entirely possible that the CX-90 will follow the example set by the CX-60 and have a straight-six SUV on its own. Previous Mazda teasers support this theory, showing parts of a red CX-90 with Inline-6 ​​lettering​​​​​​ and a silver CX-90 with e-Skyactiv PHEV lettering.

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If the latter’s power was inherited directly from the CX-60, the inline 6 model would be the top of the line model. Or rather, a powerful straight-six can be a top example. If you read Mazda’s new teaser carefully, you will see that the CX-90 is available with up to 340 hp. A 280 hp variant can also be added as an encore.

That’s the nature of the comics, but all mysteries will be solved on January 31. In the meantime, expect more information as Mazda slowly unveils the CX-90.