The Tesla Model 3 Long Range is once again available in Canada

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range is once again available in Canada

After making it to the US earlier this month, You are here gives back Example 3 Long battery life is once again available in the Canadian market.

Listed at $64,990 (plus $1,992 shipping and handling costs), this version fits between the base RWD, which was priced down to $54,990 last January, and the Model 3 Performance, which starts at $73,290.

It’s a strategic price that qualifies for a $5,000 federal government rebate and a $7,000 Quebec government rebate, for a total savings of $12,000.

Photo: Tesla

Less freedom, irony

Please note: The Model 3 Long Range that can be ordered now is not the same as the original, orders that ended in August 2022 due to high demand. Instead of being able to travel up to 576 km, we have to settle for 534 km. With 19-inch wheels, which goes down to 507 km – just like the Performance version.

These Tesla estimates have been backed up by Natural Resources Canada, which confirms the car was imported from China, not the United States. It also means that the battery structure is different, likely of the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) type. However, Tesla has not released details at this time.

The range of 534 kilometers is certainly better than the 438 kilometers of the base Model 3, but it barely beats that of the crossover. An example of a long Y columnwhich is 531 km. This car costs $5,000 more and is also eligible for a $5,000 government subsidy, but not for the Quebec subsidy.

Photo: Tesla

Reschedule to come

Going back to the Model 3, as we talked about recently, a design update it’s close. A leaked image on the web even revealed part of the result to us. The front of the car changes dramatically, losing its roundness in favor of a sharp silhouette. The headlights are brand new as well.

Will the new Model 3 be accompanied by changes in the cabin and at the level of the engine? It is possible. We should be getting to the end of it soon, so stay tuned!

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