The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling car in the world as the first plug-in car

The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling car in the world as the first plug-in car

The Tesla Model Y was the world’s best-selling car in the first quarter. It is the first time that a fully electric car has taken the lead.

The Tesla Model Y it surpassed the Toyota Corolla, among others, and now tops the global sales list. That seems to come out new date from Jato Dynamics analysts. The company keeps data on car sales in 53 countries and estimates in other parts of the world. The Model Y sold 267,000 in the first quarter and the Toyota Corolla sold 256,000.

There are also three Toyota models in the top 5 in the world. Model Y is the new leader despite its price (in the Netherlands from 46,990 euros), while the Toyota is cheaper.

Model Y sales were up 69 percent year over year, according to Jato. The current generation Toyota Corolla was launched in March 2018, while the Model Y debuted in March 2019 in the first countries. Shipping to the Netherlands started summer of 2021.

Price reduction

Tesla cut several prices in the first months of this year. Tesla doesn’t break out its own sales numbers, but it recently reported 400,000 Model Y units in the first quarter and. Example 3 to have given.

For leadership, predictions from Elon Musk from 2021 are coming true. The CEO then said he expected the Model Y to become the world’s best-selling car the following year.

Although Tesla currently has the most popular car model, the company is not on top-10 major car manufacturers. The list is led by Volkswagen, followed by Toyota, Stellantis, Mercedes-Benz and Ford.

Partnership with Ford

Tesla and Ford did one on Thursday New partnership announced. Electric Ford owners will be able to charge their cars at all Tesla Superchargers in the US and Canada starting next year. From 2025, Ford will also use the electric vehicle plug made by Tesla, the North American Charging Standard, in its vehicles.

Meanwhile, Tesla was in the news on Friday due to a massive data breach. A disgruntled former employee shared 100 gigabytes of internal data with a German newspaper. This included thousands of local reports of incidents involving the Autopilot driver assistance system.

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