The Toyota electric bike carries your luggage or up to three children safely

The Toyota electric bike carries your luggage or up to three children safely

this curious Electric Bicycle made in partnership with Toyota Mobility by French company Douze Cycles does double duty, and does just as much for work as it does for leisure.

Side of the new electric bike by Toyota and Douze / Advertising: Toyota Mobility

This electric bike is designed for transportation and transportation of goods, it has a 250W motor that promises to be powerful even for heavy loads. Its 500 Wh battery has a range of up to 100 km, but that depends on the weight being carried.


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Passenger seats have seat belts
Passenger seats have seat belts / Disclosure: Toyota Mobility

At leisure, just remove the luggage compartment, which is removable. Thus, the user can reserve seats for passengers. It has space for three children or one adult in the front, including seat belts.

Toyota electric bike with Douze front and rear
Front and back of Toyota electric bike by Douze / Disclosure: Toyota Mobility

Announced last year, it should hit the market in September of that year, but its price is still a mystery. Toyota Mobility and Douze Cycles yet He did not give a statement How much will a new electric cargo bike cost?

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