The Toyota Supra GT4 celebrates a new milestone.  Very limited edition

The Toyota Supra GT4 celebrates a new milestone. Very limited edition

Toyota boasted that a total of 100 copies of the Supra GT4 model have already been delivered to private racing teams around the world. To celebrate the occasion, the Japanese have created a (very) limited edition car.

Toyota has been offering the GT4 version of the Supra to racing teams since March 2020. This car, in fact, as the name suggests, has been adapted to the GT4 standard and can be used in this racing class. Toyota is very careful about working with teams that have chosen this build, provide its customers with comprehensive technical support.

Just over three years after launching its performance program, Toyota has reached another milestone. A total of 100 Supra GT4s were sold worldwide. Toyota calculated that by the end of 2022 their model had started in 317 races, scoring 20 overall wins and 79 GT4 wins.

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Toyota Supra – what about BMW?

The manufacturer from the Land of the Rising Sun goes with the flow, presenting an improved version of the car. The Toyota Supra GT4 EVO was developed together with the team – their experience and opinions were important in this case. The handling of the car had to be improved, and the cooling system was also improved. The torque curve has also been improved.

But that is not the end. JThe Japanese decided to celebrate the number of copies sold by presenting the Toyota Supra GT4 100 Exclusive Edition. It has a unique paint color, modified front end design, and a unique number plate. However, this model was created in only three copies. This is what we call limited edition!