The village of Dolcedo and the oil basins, a small treasure in Liguria

The village of Dolcedo and the oil basins, a small treasure in Liguria

Dolcedo: a village rich in history, nature and culture in Liguria. Full of monuments and surrounded by forests, lakes and oil fields, it is a little jewel.

dolcedo and the oil basins: a village in Liguria

un an elegant village among olive trees that are reflected in timeless lakes

dolcedo is a small treasure waiting to be discovered located in the heart of the Val Prino, called Conca d’oro by way of oil paint of quality that has always belonged to this valley. It is your perfect place if you are looking for something simple and authentic, especially in summer, when you can enjoy the coolness and tranquility by sitting in one of the trattorias in the area.

Sthumility and grandeur: a village in Liguria


Pstroll along the path along the stream, enjoy the beautiful scenery The Great Bridge with its wonderful pointed arch and caressed the building with its eyes, a testimony of ancient splendours. You will be amazed by the Baroque Church of San Tommaso, the work of Marvaldi housed in a charming little courtyard. The interior is a triumph of decorated stucco on blue walls.

PLeaving Prelà, take the road that leads to the villages of Valloria, Tavola and Villatalla – a real architectural and artistic surprise.

FOR walk through villages and lakes


Nopeand the environment is spoiled for choice: beautiful, the city of hot air balloons, the lakes of Lecchiore, set in green, a real relief from the August heat; Prelà, with its mills, a stone bridge with two arches, the ancient church of San Giovanni Battista del Groppo, and then 12 petanque courts. The valley is dominated by Villatalla, Tavole and Valloria; the latter is also known for its wooden doors painted by artists from around the world and for the Museum of Forgotten Things.


FOR Dolcedo, olive cultivation and oil production is a centuries-old tradition. Try the famous newly minted oil “Primoruggiu”, which means first stream.

THE treasure in the forest

Stand then you are a lover of nature and trekking, around here you will also find endless paths in the woods and dry stone walls. Santa Marta, Madonna del Piano, then Madonna dell’Acquasanta: many reserves in these places and they have one characteristic: they are completely immersed in nature.

dto see and take pictures is also a beautiful bridge of the Knights of Malta, which was built in 1292 in a religious order, to connect the upper part of Dolcedo with the lower one, with the aim of promoting the trade of agricultural products.


vthere is Dolcedo and the oil basins and environment

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