The Volkswagen ID.7 introduces a smart air conditioner that adapts to the sunlight entering the car and adjusts the ambient temperature when needed.

The Volkswagen ID.7 introduces a smart air conditioner that adapts to the sunlight entering the car and adjusts the ambient temperature when needed.

SOURCE: Volkswagen/Disclosure

The ID.7’s intelligent air conditioning system can be controlled using keys stored in the mobile phone, allowing the system to recognize who will be driving the car and change settings even before entering the car.

THE volkswagen presented its new version in the electric car market at CES 2023, the Identification. 7. This electric car, which will be more successful VW Passat, has a series of advanced technologies, including an intelligent climate system, which resembles sunlight, and provides physical buttons.

THE VW ID.7 it has touch sliders placed below the main 15″ screen that can be used to manually adjust the temperature. In addition, the system can be operated via voice commands, allowing rear seat passengers to request more ventilation, for example.

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Volkswagen also announced that the ID.7 will be the brand’s first vehicle to include climate-controlled air conditioning. Sensor connected to the windshield is able to detect the direction of incoming sunlight and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner when needed.

In addition, the ID.7 air conditioner’s intelligent system can be controlled using smart keys that are stored on the mobile phone. This allows the system to recognize who is driving and change settings before you even get into the car, which reduces the hassle of having to adjust settings every time a new person gets behind the wheel.

Volkswagen believes that advanced temperature management is essential in achieving significant reductions in energy consumption and thus providing passenger comfort.

The final version of the ID.7 will be shown to the public in the second quarter of 2023. Europe and China will be the first markets to receive the car, with the launch forecast in the United States for 2024. Brazil, at that time. being, it is not included from the list of countries where the automaker intends to sell the ID.7 with smart air conditioning. Watch the video:

While Volkswagen has not yet disclosed the cost of the ID.7 electric car, it is expected to serve as VW’s successor to the Arteon in the US market, which was launched in 2017 with a cost of $43,100.

Volkswagen has been widely praised for another bet on the electric car market, and Electric Kombi, or ID.Buzz, is an example of this. The model is also packed with technology, despite not having an intelligent climate system, the model comes with an autonomous parking system, among other technologies.

The ID.Buzz, which was launched last May and is already available for pre-sale, has been well received in Europe, but unfortunately Brazilians will still have to wait a little longer to get their hands on one.

The prediction is that ID.Buzz will not reach the Brazilian market before 2024, at least. However, Volkswagen has already received more than 26,000 pre-orders for the model, and soon there will be around 10,000 units available at dealerships. Of course, this unexpected demand has surprised the company, but it is proof that the market is increasingly interested in electric vehicles.