The Volvo Ex30 wins the Car of the Year 2024 award

The Volvo Ex30 wins the Car of the Year 2024 award

The car received recognition as the best production car

MILAN – Volvo among the main characters of Milan design week thank you little Ex30award and prestige Car design award 2024 as the best production car. The announcement and presentation of the award took place during a ceremony held on Wednesday April 17 at the Adi Museum in Milan, when Design weekone of the most important events on the international design scene, was in full swing.

Representing The Volvo design teamit was Linnea Karlsson, Cmf Architect, and Jurgen Josè, Senior Design Manager, who received the award from Silvia Baruffaldi, president of the jury, Director of Auto&Design magazine (founder and organizer of the award) and member of Auto dell. ‘Auto jury Year (Coty) for Italy.

“For Volvo, small is great. The exterior of the Ex30 is fully realized and the interior is very spacious. A small SUV with a strong sense of luxury, characterized by the usual design language of Volvo: simple, ecological, practical, but also able to bring a sense of renewal with its characteristic Scandinavian design, although new” is the motivation given by the organizers .awarded to the Volvo Ex30.

Founded in 1984 and renewed in 2016, The Car Design Award is one of the most important international awards related to automotive design. The Car Design Award rewards three categories: Concept Cars, Production Cars and Brand Design Language, the final award given to the design team that has done the best work on consistency and transcendence of the official brand language across the entire product range . The winners are selected by a jury of eleven members, experts, journalists from the main international automotive publications, able to provide an objective and comprehensive assessment of the international automotive design scene.

“The Car design award is confirmed automotive design excellence awarda highly competitive industry that is constantly changing and that brings fundamental issues such as sustainability and future mobility to the center of the debate”, said Silvia Baruffaldi, director of Auto&Design and president of the Award Jury. Previously, Volvo Cars was already has won the Car Design Award for Design Language twice (2016 and 2018).

The Ex30 seriously strengthens Volvo’s product portfolio, which also has some very interesting hybrid and sub-hybrid plugin designs in many places. These cars represent an important bridge towards Volvo Cars’ ambition to sell only electric cars by 2030. Buyers of the Ex30 can choose between three engine options, all electric: a single engine version with 200 kW (272 hp) and a kWh battery 51. single motor version with extended autonomy thanks to a battery with a capacity increased to 69kWh; performance version of the Twin engine with 315 kW (428 HP) and a 69 kWh battery. The Ex30 offers a range of up to 476 km and the battery can be charged from 10 to 80% capacity in over 25 minutes.