The Volvo Iron Knight set foot in Spain for the first time

The Volvo Iron Knight set foot in Spain for the first time

Iron Knight‘. ‘Iron Knight’, is certainly an interesting name for a machine, and one of those crazy machines that, from time to time, Volvo it has been true.

Volvo Iron Knight, and not just because of its name, not just any truck. It’s about example of competition created in the middle of the last decade on the basis of FH tractor heads that we can pass several on the road. But from there, everything becomes different and brutal: and 2,400 HP of powerhas managed to set great records in 2016, including being the fastest truck on the planet and maximum speed 276 km / h.

Since then, his popularity has exceeded the statistics and spread to popular culture petrol heads, including appearances in video games such as the ‘Forza Horizon’ saga. And now, from the hand of Goodyear, the Iron Knight first seen in Spain, filming at the Jarama Circuit.

A record collector

Goodyear’s involvement is closely related to the characteristics of this Swedish beast. Not for nothing, Volvo Iron Knight it wears tires specially designed for it and the North American soccer giant.

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Front blades, 315 mm widethey are derived from the same ones used on this axle by trucks participating in the European Truck Championship (ETRC). The rear ones, on the other hand, measure no less than 495 mm wide and, like the previous ones, have compounds and structures designed to withstand the great torque that this master produces during acceleration.

And that is, The most surprising thing about his speed record is that it came out of nowhere. In 2016, Volvo Trucks’ goal was to break the acceleration record from 0 to 1,000 m, which they achieved by setting a time of 21.29 seconds at an average speed of 169.09 km / h. The first record was followed by acceleration from 0 to 500 m, which they also achieved in 13.71 seconds with an average speed of 131.29 km / h.

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And among the records and records, and the average speed, and almost normal, the top speed also arrived with those 276 km / h that found its place in history. Some of the characteristics that have now made the Iron Knight a star who takes advantage of the good weather in Spain to show, on the legendary Jarama pitch, that he is still in shape..

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