The Volvo VM 270 is the heaviest truck to sell in Brazil in 2022.

The Volvo VM 270 is the heaviest truck to sell in Brazil in 2022.


More than 4,700 copies were produced from January to December, with a special emphasis on the 6×2 version with a rigid chassis; now in 2023 prices range from BRL 432 thousand to BRL 617 thousand

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The undeniable success of volvo in the Brazilian truck market in 2022 did not focus only on the heavy duty segment. The Swedish-based automaker also stood out among the lightweight cars by winning the segment lead with the 270 VM.

According to the official balance of the National Federation of Automobile Distribution (Fenabrave), 4,732 copies of the light vehicle were registered from January to December 2022 throughout Brazil, a number that, in addition to ensuring a great leadership in all comparisons, also corresponds to 13.79% of sales in the heavy duty segment.

Versatility has always been a feature of the Volvo VM range, which has steadily grown in market favor year after year. In 2022, we reached our highest point in what is one of the most competitive segments in the Brazilian truck market.”, celebrates Alcides Cavalcanti, executive director of trucks at Volvo.

Also according to the brand, the best-selling version throughout 2022 was the 6×2 with a rigid chassis, a configuration that allows a wide variety of tools and uses, from urban distribution to medium-distance road trips.

VM 2023 line


In addition to precisely meeting the new Proconve P8 (Euro 6) emission standard, the 2023 line of Volvo VM trucks starts a lot of news, from important changes in the electric train to the introduction of new technologies and safety features.

Special emphasis on the replacement of the traditional 7-liter MWM engine with the new Volvo D8K engine, with a power output of 290 hp and 360 hp, a more powerful stationary engine, 210 hp and 300 hp VEB, as well as the generation of 7 famous. I-Shift transmission.

Volvo VM 2023 trucks also now have EBS electronic brakes, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), headlights with LED DRL, Ramp Starting Aid, new mirror package and new instrument panel.

To precisely meet the most demanding applications in Brazilian transport, the VM line will also have, starting this year, the unusual VMX and VMX MAX versions.



According to the FIPE Table consulted today, January 25, 2023, currently Volvo VM 270 zero kilometer models have the following average prices:

Volvo VM 270 4×2: BRL 500,254.00

volvo VM 270 6×2: BRL 511,214.00

volvo VM 270 6×4: BRL 550,857.00

volvo VM 270 8×2: BRL 568,714.00

volvo VM 270 8×4: BRL 617,845.00

Volvo VM 270 CITY 4×2: BRL 432,414.00

volvo VM 270 CITY 6×2: BRL 451,628.00