The Watcher – Jennifer Coolidge in a teaser for the stalker series [WIDEO]

The Watcher – Jennifer Coolidge in a teaser for the stalker series [WIDEO]

Looking for a lovely home in a quiet neighborhood? Jennifer Coolidge comes to the rescue as Karen in the unusual teaser of the series “The Watcher”, which will tell about a stalker.

“The Watcher” is a series co-produced by Ryan Murphy (“American Horror Story”) and Ian Brennan (“Ratched”). The Netflix production, about an urban couple who start receiving terrifying letters from a man who calls himself “The Watcher”, is based on real events and is scheduled to premiere in the fall – the exact date is not yet available.

The Watcher – Ryan Murphy series teaser

In the first preview, we see Jennifer Coolidge (“White Lotus”) as Karen – a real estate agent from the office of Darren Dunn Realty. Heroes shows us around the house at 657 Boulevard, which will be the setting for the entire series. At the same time, he does not remove unusual details about the property.

What can we expect from “The Guardian”? Dean (Bobby Cannavale, “Forbidden Empire”) and Nora Brannock (Naomi Watts, who will appear in Feud Season 2) have bought their dream home in the suburb of Westfield, New Jersey, but after putting all their savings into the deal. , they quickly pass to realize that the neighborhood is not very welcoming.

An elderly woman named Pearl (Mia Farrow, “Rosmery’s Baby”) and her brother Jasper (Terry Kinney, “Billions”) sneak into the Brannock home and hide in their kitchen elevator. There’s Karen, a real estate agent and Nora’s old friend, as well as grumpy neighbors Mitch (Richard Kind, “Big Mouth”) and Mo (Margo Martindale, “American Crime Story: The Impeachment”) who don’t seem to understand boundaries. . .

Their icy greetings quickly turn into hell on earth when terrifying letters from a man calling himself “The Watcher” start arriving, scaring the Brannocks to their limits. At the same time, the dark secrets of the whole neighborhood are revealed.

The Watcher – premiering on Netflix this summer