The whole world is looking for the Tesla Model 3, but Lexus is the biggest surprise

The whole world is looking for the Tesla Model 3, but Lexus is the biggest surprise

If you’ve ever wondered which electric cars are most searched for by Internet users, we have the answer for you. Of course, the Tesla Model 3 dominates the lineup, but it’s not a surprise.

The first place in this position is not a surprise. Tesla Model 3 arouses great interest and this is not surprising. After all, we are talking about a mid-range electric car that has a lot of hype. Moreover, it is also a very good car, offering great mileage at a low price. This car is the most searched for on Google, but it’s not what we’re interested in here. It turns out that Lexus, KIA and other brands are not far behind.

Tesla Model 3 rules, but the second place was not taken by Model Y. In addition, Lexus RZ is very popular in many places around the world.

Let’s start with this last example. Lexus’ first solid electric vehicle, the RZ, is currently “slowly” entering the market. Apparently one copy has already been sold in Poland, which is a step forward.

Meanwhile, in as many as 47 countries around the world, the Lexus RZ is the most searched car on Google. Of course, we are talking about Asia, where, as you can see, there is a lot of interest in this car.

In the international space of Tesla model 3 The KIA EV6 took the top spot, outperforming, among others, the Model Y. Behind the podium were the IONIQ 5, Tesla Model S and, among others, the Porsche Taycan. Rounding out the top ten are the Polestar 2, the aforementioned Lexus RZ and the BMW i4.

Who is looking for what?

In fact, here the Tesla Model 3 reigns again in many countries, although this is not the law. Commercial vehicle Elon Musk it is most searched on Google in the US, Germany, France, Italy and even Spain.

In the Netherlands and Canada, the KIA EV6 dominates the search engine. Asia is also interesting. For example, in India everyone is looking for information about Tata Nexon and in Indonesia about Wuling Air EV. Brazil is also an unusual case, because here everyone focuses on the Porsche Taycan. As you can see, the more expensive electric models do better there.

The data is based on 200 countries and 317 car models. Of course, the number of searches does not directly translate into sales, although the Tesla Model 3 is a popular choice.