The Yamaha MT-07 was the best-selling motorcycle in France in 2022

The Yamaha MT-07 was the best-selling motorcycle in France in 2022

They are still facing supply crises and lack of semiconductors, in fact many motorcycles have not been sold in France in the past year, and also in many other countries. However, despite the adverse conditions, the Yamaha MT-07 maintained its leading position in front of the BMW GS, first of all, its biggest competitor in terms of sales in the country.

However, part of the explanation for the 7% drop in sales on French soil is not due to a lack of orders from motorcyclists, but simply due to the absence of new models for delivery.

So, in general, all the ‘best sellers’ in the market saw their sales numbers drop, leaving room for other machines to rise to the top level for sure. However, all this was not enough to eliminate the four best-selling motorcycles in France, including the 700cc Master of Torque from France. Yamaha.

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As it was last year and every year since its launch, the Yamaha MT-07 remains the best-selling machine in France. With that, it reached a total of 4,363 shipments.

However, the Japanese naked was far from more than 6,000 units sold in 2021. Could the arrival of the Honda Hornet 750 and Suzuki GSX-8S in 2023 change this situation?

Here in Brazil, it is worth noting that the numbers show 1,698 model registrations in 2022, according to the latest data from Fenabrave.

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That is, the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure has moved forward and reached the 2nd position by surpassing the more basic GS. In this way, the two Bavarian routes totaled more than 6,000 registrations, and can, in some ways, be considered the most popular in the country.

Likewise, the fourth best-selling motorcycle, the Kawasaki Z900, with 2,594 units, also maintained its position from last year, with the Yamaha Ténéré 700 (2,545 units) completing the ‘Top 5’ of the most successful motorcycles on the French market. .

In this sense, the brand with three tuning forks also placed its Tracer 7 and 9 in the list of 10 best selling motorcycles.

Zontes ZT 125 (2,087 units) and recently Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (1,870 units) rounded out the Top 10. They were ahead of Honda NT1100 and Yamaha MT-09.

And you, what did you think about this news? Have you had a chance to ride the Yamaha MT-07 around here? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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