There will be a small temporary park on the path behind the Weesperstraat ‘knife’.

There will be a small temporary park on the path behind the Weesperstraat ‘knife’.

Weesperstraat will receive one from 15 June to 22 July Pocket storage about two hundred square meters. The park is part of the Knip Weesperstraat pilot that the municipality is running this summer. Companies and residents of the area will be given the opportunity to use part of the space for activities they plan themselves.

As part of the experiment Cut Weesperstraat of the municipality will be temporary Park between Nieuwe Kerkstraat and Nieuwe Prinsengracht. The P planSocket storage it will be located between two lanes, leaving the outer lanes free for traffic. Cars are allowed to drive there from 23:00 to 06:00.

In total, the green belt will be six meters wide and forty meters long, according to the project leader. The park will be screened with flower boxes and wooden screens so residents can use the space safely.

During the project, local residents and businesses will also have the opportunity to organize activities, such as neighborhood lunches or pop-up exhibitions. The task of filling in the reservoir has been entrusted to Knowledge Mile and the municipality. They will also organize a public program with characters.

The municipality has asked Knowledge Mile to organize something fun for the neighborhood in the free space created by the pilot, says the spokeswoman for alderman Melanie van der Horst (Traffic and Transportation). “It’s a shame not to do anything with it and in this way we can show the people of Amsterdam that we can also use public space in the city in a different way.”

From 12 June, the Weesperstraat will be closed to traffic during the day for six weeks. The road will be closed with a barrier along the length of Nieuwe Keizersgracht, which will be open when vehicles are allowed to drive between 11 pm and 6 am

To prevent traffic jams, barricades will also be installed on the three surrounding roads. These are Anne Frankstraat, Hoogte Kadijk and Kattenburgergracht.