There will be an electric version of the original Fiat 500

There will be an electric version of the original Fiat 500

As good as the current Fiat 500E may be, it doesn’t measure up to the original 500. But then you have to accept the old technology and all the associated problems. Or maybe not. The Real Italian Car Company (TRICC) is working on an electric version of the original Fiat 500 from the 1950s. Is it a serious partner for the Fiat Topolino or the Opel Rocks-e?

The original Italian car company is already working with the Fiat 500. You can buy a restored model there for 9,000 euros. They haven’t said anything about the price yet, but luckily the electric 500 won’t cost that much either. In general, conversion is quite expensive, even if the base is cheap. London Electric Cars is asking around 40,000 euros for the standard electric Mini.

For environmental areas and city centers

TRICC informs Top Gear that there are plans to electrify the classical Italian, which will allow the car to enter the city center and the surrounding areas. The team is currently analyzing a number of proposals from different suppliers and determining the overall concept of the car. Hopefully they also consider the weather.

According to TRICC, they do not work on the basis of an independent drawing: ‘We will determine parameters such as weight, range and… installation decide and then see where we go.’ The proposals come from England, the United States and Italy, with various options. For example, the battery and motor can be in the front or back. Or even split over two positions.

What? How far should an electric Fiat 500 drive?

‘As with all electric vehicles, it’s a trade-off between weight, range and space. A larger number of batteries gives you more range, but that adds weight. Do you really need 200 miles on a car like this? And although the concept of having batteries in the front and back can balance the car, we have to think about the cargo space,” TRICC believes.

The Italian automaker says the battery and rear-mounted engine are currently the most competitive. The plan is to have a working prototype of the electric Fiat 500 early next year. “We have to do it in a sustainable and sustainable way,” the company believes.