These 7 class electric cars are very affordable

These 7 class electric cars are very affordable

In light of ADAC’s car cost calculator, we recently presented a list of which electric cars are the cheapest to run, considering all expected costs. Only small and small cars could get there. But for many, the run to very small towns is not enough. That’s why the second part follows today: According to ADAC, which electric cars with the most space are the most affordable over their lifetime?

The calculator assumes annual mileage of 15,000 and a five-year period. ADAC considers, among other things, maintenance, depreciation, energy costs and the average amount of insurance. Again, a note applies: Individual facts always deviate from this, of course, but there is a very good comparison of the data.

According to ADAC, these seven largest electric cars are the cheapest per kilometer based on the basic assumptions mentioned (we only considered the cheapest configurations for each model and only current cars):

7th place: Cupra Born

Photo: Cupra

With a length of 4.32 meters, the ID.3 brothers belong to the compact class. It is cheap for its size. ADAC has determined a price per kilometer of 54.8 cents for the variant with the 58 kWh battery.

6th place: MG5

Photo: MG

A standard station wagon from the Chinese brand even measures 4.60 meters and therefore also offers space for families. Like the Standard Range Comfort, it has a price per kilometer of 54.2 cents in ADAC.

5th place: Citroen e-C4

Photo: Citro├źn

The French crossover model is 4.36 meters long. According to ADAC, in the Feel equipment line, the kilometer should cost 54.1 cents less than the assumed condition.

4th place: Nissan Leaf

Photo: Nissan

Due to the CHAdeMO quick charge connection and problems with frequent quick charges during the trip, the classic is not a hero for long distances, but with a height of 4.49 meters it also offers a lot of space. According to ADAC, the Acenta with a 40 kWh battery costs 53.8 cents per kilometer.

3rd place: Mazda MX-30

Image: Mazda

Sustainable materials, sliding doors and a small range characterize the compact, 4.40 meter long Japanese e-SUV. According to ADAC, if you mainly drive short distances, you are not only comfortable, but also a cheap car: 53.7 cents per kilometer.

2nd place: MG ZS EV

Photo: MG

At 4.23 meters, the compact SUV from the Chinese brand is very easy to maneuver. ADAC has determined a price per kilometer of 52.1 cents for Standard Comfort.

1st place: Hyundai Kona

Photo: Hyundai

However, the Kona, which is slightly smaller at 5.21 meters, beats the Chinese competitor. For a Korean compact SUV with a small battery (39 kWh), ADAC calculates a price per kilometer of 51.0 cents. It is only cheap with small electric cars.

Data source: ADAC car cost calculator (accessed 05/24/2023)