These choices separate the “rich” from the rich.  Bentley has it on sale

These choices separate the “rich” from the rich. Bentley has it on sale

Leather upholstery, heated rear seats or maybe a massage for the driver? Let’s not be silly – Bentley has introduced a new addition to the offering that doesn’t make much sense, but is sure to impress the neighbors.

What else can be wonderful, improved, improved? People from Mulliner face such a task every day, who have to make Bentleys sell even more luxurious. After the precious hours of a good car, it’s time for the golden air intakes.

Seriously. For this case leather vent cover available in Porsche looks just a small town. Here, the gold knives should be a memory of Sir Henry Birkin, who competed with Bentleys in the 1920s and 1930s. age. Previously, they appeared in the miniseries “Version No. 9”.

The offer also includes wood veneers with open pores. To keep a more natural feel, varnish is only 0.1 mm, although it was used in three layers. Grinding is done by hand. All this so that you can feel the real character of the wood when you touch it.

Not money, but have fun.© mat. the media

Mulliner’s division is more and more active, despite the catastrophic situation of the war. Since 2020, demand for modern accessories has increased by 200 percent, which means that as many as three Mulliner-improved replicas leave the assembly lines every day.