These two car brands leave Tesla behind

These two car brands leave Tesla behind


If you walk the streets of our cities and look for electric cars, you will often see elegant Tesla models. However, another provider is at the forefront of popularity, at least according to Check24. The price comparison website analyzed car insurance policies adopted in 2021 and came to conclusions about the popularity of electric vehicles. What would Elon Musk say about that?

Volkswagen e-car also ahead of Tesla

In the list of electronic cars, the French manufacturer was at the top, followed by Germany’s leading rival Tesla in third place. vehicles with gasoline engines (km 10,210). Only diesel vehicles were operating regularly (km 13,049).

Back to the list of the most popular electric cars. It looks like this.

Position 3: Tesla Model 3 (Long column)

The Tesla Model 3 sedan has been available in Europe since 2019. In the ADAC car test, the car scored a good grade (2.2). ADAC described an all-wheel drive without a vibration as a “source of joy”, and the range is good for more than 400 kilometers. The redesigned Model 3 is available from 46,560 euros or by monthly rent or car registration.

Position 2: VW e-Up!

Small and small is the VW e-Up!

© Volkswagen

Volkswagen is also increasingly relying on electronic drives. E Up! According to VW, it has a range of up to 260 miles, so it is also suitable for long trips and not just for city running. That too will be the reason for its popularity.

Position 1: Renault Zoe R110

Zoe R110 costs around 32,000 euros as a new car. There is a small electronic car with 108 hp reaching a top speed of 135 km / h. Type of electricity according to manufacturer: 395 kilometers.

Renting is a great alternative to buying an electronic car

For drivers who want to change an electric car, there are more and more options. In the end, the most important criterion for decision-making is often the type of e-car, because this should match the individual driving behavior. Current e-cars vary not only in terms of range, but also in design – and obviously in price.

Reading Tip: Is car registration worth it?

In view of the rapid development of battery technology, rental can be a good alternative to buying, because batteries in electric vehicles quickly lose their performance and value. After a period of renting a new car, the car and battery return to the seller, which can be a benefit to the customer. (pron)

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