They paid around 130,000 euros for a Toyota GRMN Yaris.  Does it make sense?

They paid around 130,000 euros for a Toyota GRMN Yaris. Does it make sense?

The Toyota GRMN Yaris is limited to 500 copies and is sold only in Japan. This unit is the most expensive ever.

Almost everything has already been said about Toyota GR Yaris. It is a special homologation that we thought was no longer possible to do and is one of the hot hatch most desired today.

And if we look at the stronger and smaller version GRMN Yaris (short for Gazoo Racing, prepared by the Meister of the Nürburgring), the demand seems to be even greater, so much so that someone has just paid almost 140,000 dollars, about 128,574 euros – at auction – for one copy.

So you don’t get lost GRMN Yaris revealed! Lighter, faster and stronger… but only for Japan

The GRMN Yaris is exclusive to the Japanese market, it was presented to the world almost a year ago and is limited to only 500 copies. buyer, according to runhe wanted to remain anonymous, but there is one name he cannot escape: he bought GR Yaris most expensive ever.

From the factory, the Toyota GRMN Yaris can take two different configurations, the Circuit Package or the Rally Package.

This unit, with only 41 miles (66 km). will be the first to be done by Circuit Pack and the new cost «only» 60,000 euros in the market.

Toyota GRMN Yaris: what changes to the GR?

Equipped with the Circuit package, this GRMN Yaris features a new destroy the lipsfront r, more visible side skirts and a large rear wing in carbon fiber, elements that give it a more aggressive appearance.