They sent an electric tractor from Germany to Turkey.  It was supposed to use public chargers only.  Has it come to an end?

They sent an electric tractor from Germany to Turkey. It was supposed to use public chargers only. Has it come to an end?

The eActros 300 eActros electric truck for distribution transport has passed successfully strength and reliability test on the route of 3 thousand kilometers from Germany to Turkey – boasts the manufacturer Daimler Trucks. However, the company did not provide information about how long the trip took.

The test route started from the Mercedes-Benz Wörth plant in Germany through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria to Aksaray in Turkey.

The two eActros vehicles, with two and three axles, which have been in series production since the end of 2021, accompany the eActros 300 across the line. It is worth considering that All electric truck batteries were it is recharged at the public accessible stations in it on the road.

In preparation for the upcoming start of series production of the eActros 300 tractor in the summer, we conducted, among other things, road tests at our Aksaray plant. A much needed method was an additional test. We can confidently say that the electric truck has been able to drive easily through Central and South-Eastern Europe and is ready for series production,” commented Dr. Christof Weber, Head of International Testing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

During the test drive to Turkey, the engineers aimed to evaluate the car’s safety systems, performance and durability. In particular, they evaluated the performance of the electric train, including range prediction, recovery and seamless compatibility with charging stations abroad. Different topography and weather changes during the trip provided good conditions for detailed testing of the vehicle in real conditions.

The eActros 300 tractor, designed to be compatible with popular European semi-trailers while respecting the regulations regarding the permissible height of the tractor/trailer combination, uses the same technology as the eActros 300/400 models. It has three batteries, each providing a rated capacity of 112 kWh. This provides coverage up to 220 km for one payment.

The car can be charged with a power of up to 160 kW, which allows to charge three batteries from 20 to 80 percent in over an hour at a standard DC charging station with a charging current of 400 A.