They’re supposed to protect us, not attack us: Colorado is paying dearly for the death of a 22-year-old man who was shot by a police officer.

They’re supposed to protect us, not attack us: Colorado is paying dearly for the death of a 22-year-old man who was shot by a police officer.

The parents of a 22-year-old Colorado man who was killed last June by a sheriff’s deputy while he was having a mental crisis will receive $19 million from local government agencies. Changes to how officers are trained were also announced, according to a settlement reached Tuesday.

Shooting Christian Mirror and police officer drew national attention and sparked calls for change in the way authorities respond to calls to someone with mental health problems.

The event happened June 11, 2022 after the SUV 22 years old stuck in the mountain town of Silver Plume.

In addition to the settlement, believed to be the largest of its kind in Colorado history, Sally and Simon Glass They have also discussed changes that they hope will save other families from similar losses. Clear Creek County will establish an emergency response team and the sheriff’s office will train and certify all emergency responders.

The State of Colorado will also create a virtual reality training environment for the Colorado State Patrol based on the shooting that will focus on de-stressing involving officers from various agencies.

The settlement, which is also tied to the communities of Georgetown and Idaho Springs, is the largest in a police killing case in Colorado, ever. 15 million the solution reached 2021 the year of Elijah McClain’s death. It also ranks high in the country.

Former Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Deputy, Andrew Buenwho shot glass, and his chief, former Sgt. Kyle Gouldare accused of the man’s death.

A grand jury ruled they had unnecessarily escalated the dispute after the man called the number 911 call for help. Gould he was not present at the scene but watched the events through body cameras and authorized the officers to remove them Glass from his car, according to court documents.

glasses, whose car was stuck on a dirt road, initially told the dispatcher he was being followed and provided other information that the indictment said indicated he was confused, delusional and depressed.

The officers’ body camera footage showed that mirror he refuses to get out of the car, wrapping his heart-shaped arms around the officers and begging, “Dear Sir, please don’t let them break the window.”

After a conversation of about an hour, the officers decided to break into the car, although there were no signs mirror poses a threat or is suspected of committing a crime.

When the window was broken, the battle began. According to the jury mirror he pulled out the knife in “fear and self-defense” before twisting in his seat and thrusting the knife at the officer. Then Hi he shot the pistol five times towards him.

The grand jury found that at no time was the officer in danger of being stabbed Glass.

When the parents 22 years old for the first time he publicly called for responsibility for the death of their son, Sally Glass He said that Christian “he was very scared” the night he was killed, and the officers had no mercy for him.

He asked people to pray for their son and for structural changes in the police, saying “They should protect us, not attack us.”

Source: dailyherald
Image: YouTube, The Mirror Family