Thieves steal BMW tires and rims – “Good thing we didn’t want to go on holiday”

Thieves steal BMW tires and rims – “Good thing we didn’t want to go on holiday”

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From: Kai Osthoff

Unknown criminals stole four tires and rims from Christian Rump’s BMW. © Kai Osthoff

An unusual theft occurred in Kreuztal-Ferndorf. A resident noticed that all the tires and rims of his car were missing.

Kreuztal – “It’s good that we didn’t want to go on holiday today,” says Christian Rump on Friday morning shortly after half past seven. At this point he can laugh again. It was different when he received a picture from his friend around twelve o’clock in the morning. With his car, a BMW 540. Because in the night from Thursday to Friday, unknown criminals removed and stole all four rims and tires from a car parked on Zitzenbachstraße in Kreuztal-Ferndorf (NRW).

Stolen BMW tires and rims – the car stands on four wooden stands

In the morning, the car is loaded onto four boards that have been sawn to fit. At the back there is a thick stone that is only a few meters to the courtyard of the property. For whatever reason, the characters also put it there. Christian Rump calls the police, who record the incident and file a robbery report.

From Thursday to Friday, unknown people removed all four rims and tires from the car © Kai Osthoff

A request from this editorial team to the press office of the Siegen Wittgenstein district police authority on Friday morning shows that this appears to be the only incident in the Kreuztal area. It remains doubtful whether the criminals were targeting this BMW, which is actually located in a quiet residential area. In any case, Christian Rump has damage. Fortunately only for a short time, he explains a few hours later.

Theft in Kreuztal-Ferndorf: New tires and rims have already been ordered

“I talked to my insurance company and I have already ordered new tires and rims,” ​​said the 42-year-old. However, he and his wife wonder how such a thing is possible. No one found out what happened that night. Even the neighbors slept with the windows open.

Obviously, the BMW brand is very popular. A few years ago, the steering wheel and other parts of an expensive BMW on Sanddornweg were stolen. At the time, the car was in front of the house, the owner said Friday morning. In any case, Christian Rump hopes that he will not have to do such an incident again in the future.

BMW is also popular in other regions. A series of steering wheel thefts continued recently in Hamm.