Thieves steal more than M in vehicles from North Carolina car … – msnNOW

Thieves steal more than $1M in vehicles from North Carolina car … – msnNOW

Larcenists pilfered a staggering sum of over one million dollars in motorized vehicles from North Carolina car dealerships in the past year, according to the latest state figures.

The statistics, which were released this week by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV), indicate that thieves have been targeting dealerships in the area with increasing regularity.

The NCDMV data shows that between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016, a total of 1,068 vehicles were stolen from North Carolina dealerships. This translates to a financial loss of over $1 million for the establishments.

The report also reveals that the majority of the pilfered vehicles were luxury cars like BMWs and Mercedes, as well as sports cars such as Mustangs and Corvettes. The NCDMV suggests that the thieves may be targeting these types of vehicles in order to sell them for a profit on the black market.

In response to the alarming statistics, the NCDMV is encouraging dealerships in the state to take extra security measures against potential car thieves. These measures include installing surveillance cameras, utilizing anti-theft devices, and requiring secure key access.

The NCDMV is also urging dealerships to report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.

The State of North Carolina is no stranger to car theft. In 2015, the NCDMV reported that more than 6,500 vehicles were stolen from across the state, resulting in a total financial loss of over $50 million.

In light of the most recent figures, it appears that car dealerships in the area are especially at risk of falling victim to larcenists. Therefore, the NCDMV is strongly advocating for increased security protocols in order to protect against further losses.